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Morocco has over repeatedly been criticized by human rights organizations for his or her constant repression of the Sahrawi people from the neglected state of American Sahara - with hundreds having been caught in refugee camps in Algeria for an incredible 35 years!

The Polisario Front, who are fighting for freedom due to their place and head the federal government in exile of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, have now been operating the refugee camps in the Tindouf location of Algeria, which are entirely reliant on international and Algerian support - Food, apparel and water are introduced by vehicle and plane.

Decades of Suffering

The Spanish government below Franco privately closed a tripartite contract with Morocco and Mauritania in 1975 giving them equally control of American Sahara and relinquishing its colonial energy within the country.

The indigenous persons light emitting diode by the Polisario Front were left out from the deal and hence go about attempting to remove the new colonial forces by force - following properly driving Mauritania to agree defeat but, Morocco extensive their get a handle on to the remaining terrain, and steadily contained the Polisario guerrillas by building a thorough sand-berm in the desert (known because the Line Wall or Moroccan Wall) to exclude enemy fighters. Hostilities ceased in a 1991 cease-fire, overseen by the peacekeeping objective MINURSO, beneath the terms of a UN Settlement Plan.

The referendum, formerly scheduled for 1992, foresaw offering the local citizenry the option between liberty or affirming integration with Morocco, however it rapidly stalled. In 1997 and 2000, the Houston Agreement and Baker Plan respectively attempted to fix the proposal for a referendum, unfortunately neither had any success.

Morocco continues to be in undemocratic control of European Sahara and refugees, numbering between 40 -120 000 persons below various assistance organization estimates, continue to be stuck enduring in enormous ideologies far from their homeland.

A Reckless World Watches On

It's true that the UN has re-engaged with the situation in Western Sahara, by speaking with equally parties and increasing the mandate of the UN peacekeeping mission for a referendum on self-determination (MINURSO) for still another year, however it will not only be left to the UN - a large amount of countries who have influence on Morocco have kept criminally quiet in the last decades! Moroccan Sahara

Putting insult to damage, it had been recently unveiled that the US Foreign Policy Study Institute has recommended to the Bright House that independence for American Sahara could result in a failed state dominated by Al Qaeda. In the report, authored by Harvey Sicherman, the institute said the status quo on Western Sahara could tag the very best beginning solution.

"Morocco won't yield the terrain nor would it be in U.S. passions to aid the formation of a failed state at the expense of their Moroccan ally," the report, named "A Observe on the American Sahara", said.

This really is an obvious purposeful misunderstanding of the real condition, because the UN itself has recently agreed that the Polisario Front is not an extremist firm and truly has no connections to Al Qaeda or some other extreme Islamic bodies.

European Sahara has additionally unfortunately been left from the Moroccan-EFTA free trade agreement, based on a clarification by Norwegian and Swiss authorities this year - the US-Moroccan free industry deal also excludes European Sahara, creating evident financial harm to the country.

Instead of sticking the boot in when the people of Western Sahara happen to be down for the rely, it is surely time for both governments from Europe and the US to ultimately get some positive action - to provide them a chance of freedom - Greater late than never!

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