Whether you work from home, or if you work in an external office, having a printer in your office will make your life much easier and easier. If you are thinking of buying one, you will probably wonder which printer to buy. If you just set up an office at home, discover 3 tips to choose the best printer printing services manhattan, below.


Basic tips for buying a printer

Despite living in the age of digital, paper is still very present in our lives. We are used to printing a large amount of written and graphic material every day and this necessarily leads us to have a printer at home. If you are going to buy a printer soon, follow these tips to choose and buy the best printer always taking into account the quality, price, performance and durability of the device:


  1. How much are you going to use and how much do you want to spend?

The first thing you should know before launching yourself to buy your new printer is that there are currently several types of machines on the market.


  • The best known is the ink printer, which injects ink into paper and has a very economical price. You will be interested to know that this type of printers are recommended for homes where too many documents are not printed, and also for those users who like to make photographic prints from time to time.
  • Another printer that you can find in the market today is the continuous ink. Although this type of printer is more expensive than normal ink, its main advantage is that the ink of this type of printer is very economical, so you can print many personal documents every day without having to spend a lot of money in ink.
  • The printers have a refillable ink tank replace the old ink cartridges for refillable tanks in which ink of different colors is stored. When you spend the ink you can buy the containers sold by the printer manufacturers themselves.
  • Finally, if you are looking for a lot of quality in everything you print, then you should choose a laser printer. This type of printers offer you the best quality and performance but, you must bear in mind, that they are much more expensive than the rest and toners will also cost more when you have to replace them.




  1. What use are you going to give it?

Depending on the use you are going to give your new printer you can choose a multifunctional printer or a print only. The first ones are known as 'all in one' because they include a scanner and also the photocopying function.


However, printers that are 'printing only' are those that only include the printer function. Depending on the use you are going to give, you should opt for one type or another of the printer. In this sense, you must take into account several factors, such as: the amount and frequency of impressions you are going to make, the paper formats you will use, the relationship between the use of black and other colors, and also the quality of printing you need.




  1. What quality of printing are you looking for?

Depending on the criteria of the cartridges or ink tanks, you will find several options when you go to buy your printer:

  • L as two color printers that are recommended for daily use them.
  • The printers of four colors, are recommended to make color prints of medium quality, including photographs.
  • On the other hand, there are also five-color printers, which are recommended for making high-quality photographic prints at home. And finally, those with six or more colors, which also include the four basic colors. These printers are ideal for making high quality photo prints.

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