Link building is the practice of encouraging — and sometimes persuading — humans with relevant websites to link to a page on your site. Google’s core page ranking algorithm was founded on the premise that links online represent a vote of confidence. Their algorithm uses links as a primary ranking factor in determining which pages to return for a search.

The more relevant links you have pointing to your own site, the more authoritative Google (and all search engines) considers your website. The more authoritative you are, the more your own links “count.”

In fact, Google was the first search engine to use links as a ranking factor, which led to markedly better results. The original PageRank algorithm revolutionized search engines and helped make Google the dominant force it is today. Now, all search engines use links as a primary ranking factor.

So links are important. But how do you convince a website with a relevant audience to link to your own site? The fact is there are many methods to acquire a link back to your client’s website, which we will cover in this guide.

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