What is Golden Aluminum Foil

Golden aluminum foil is a thin aluminum film that works to reflect heat gain. It is typically fastened to the underside of roofs or in attic spaces, where it prevents the heat absorbed by hot roofs from transferring to the home’s interior.

Golden aluminum foil is especially effective in cathedral ceiling applications where there is limited attic space.

Properly installed golden aluminum foil blocks up to 95 percent of the heat coming into a home from the roof.

There are several passive methods that can be used to reduce home cooling costs. Awnings, curtains and reflective window film keep the sun from entering the house, reducing direct heat gain.

Radiant heat is the transfer of heat from a heated object to a cooler object. Roofs are capable of transferring large amounts of radiant heat into the home.

Attic insulation helps to prevent much of the transfer of this heat, but golden aluminum foil prevents the heat from even reaching the insulation.

Golden aluminum foil is made of thin aluminum foil, because of the material's unique heat-transfer properties. Aluminum foil reflects heat but does not absorb and transfer it.

Golden Aluminum Foil Heat Shield Tape www.chinaaluminumfoil.com reduces interior temperatures, thereby lowering air-conditioning costs by an average of 10 percent.

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