What happen when I went to visit my son Cameran for the first time?

This is what I saw this morning when I went to  visit my son, My Heart Just Stop Beating, I thought I was in the wrong place, There was nothing there but a piece of paper that had a name on it? When I checked  the paper that had his location on it, the location and numbers where correct.  When I looked  again, I saw  that his name was spelled wrong, I was there  before the office opened.  I was in there for a hour,crying and wondering how  I could leave all the stuff I  had brought him. My mind couldn't take it. I felt like he was there and nobody had been out there to see if they had done the job right, by putting up a plate with  his name spelled cprrectly.This was my first visit there.  I waited and calmed myself down until the office opened  and called the  office. I  talked to a man who told me that all those things  are needed, so that a love one can leave things there.

It has to be purchased along with the name plate

The one that was on there was only for 2 months. I asked him how much it cost and when could he change the name to the right name, and he told me he could change the name in a couple of days and to come in and look at some name plates. This was something that i had to go through, and now that I have, I don't want anyone to have to go through this by not having things completed. for there child.




So, I did  the next best thing. I went to the store and bought some tape and I place all the things I bought him on his name plate. I told  him that  the foundation is in honor of him. Were going to fix him up right, so when people come to visit, his name will be spelled right and he will have a nice name plate.

 Son, I Love You and Miss you with all My Heart and Soul, and I Thank You for all the time you gave me, This experience has taught me alot today and We will never let your memories go, but use them to help others. I promise!

Love Always, Son Happy Birthday (King Cameran Jones)

From Your Daddy and Family!



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Comment by jasmine thompson on April 27, 2011 at 1:36pm
Congradulations Pastor Jones you did it you took a very big step, one of the biggest steps of your life. You have spiritually and naturally walked into your breakthough the hard part is over u passed the ultimate test and now its time to help the rest of the world deal with the same struggles because youve always taught me its not what we go through but how we answer to it. i love you always
Comment by Yolanda Origel on April 26, 2011 at 12:32pm

Thanks so much for sharing this very personal moment.  I'm sorry that you went through this heart-breaking day but you did the best thing you can do, and you honored your son's memory in a positive way by doing what was within your power to do. By sharing your experiences with folks, you will be helping so many others. Keep positive, my friend!



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