What are the furniture styles? Furniture style classification and selection

Furniture production style is divided into classical and modern. Classical and can be divided into Chinese and Western. Chinese style, ethnic style and so many, the choice of style furniture: bogey a one-style,beach chair material replacement to the entire package of unity. The style of the Chinese-style, style, style, style,

The function of furniture selection: to meet the requirements. Meet the requirements of the human physiological health, modern families generally use multi-functional combination of furniture, room space is small, this furniture can make full use of room space, suitable for a variety of use requirements.

Common combination of multi-functional combination of cabinets, tables and chairs combination of cabinets and tables and chairs and other combinations. The color of furniture to the wall, the top-x color harmony, in order to achieve satisfactory results.

【Furniture style classification】

1. Mediterranean-style furniture: It is often said that the marine style, with white, gray, sky blue-based color, reflecting the sky and sky, a wide range of feelings,cheap backyard furniture wear-resistant anti-aging the use of arcade arches embellishment.

2. Pastoral style furniture: Pastoral style of home decoration, with its fresh and natural, back to nature characteristics of more and more young people advocated and sought after.

3. American style furniture: To the simple color of the original wood, the use of rattan.

4. European-style furniture:

European-style furniture is an important element of European classical style decoration, with Italian, French and Spanish-style furniture as the main representative. The continuation of the 17th century to 19th century, the characteristics of royal aristocratic furniture,gravity beach chair pay attention to hand-carved fine cutting.

5. Southeast Asian style furniture: With a strong religious color, the main color to deep, such as deep purple, dark brown.

6. European-style furniture: Make use of flowers, create a beautiful atmosphere of flowers, the main colors for the white, reflecting the romantic, elegant life flavor, loved by young people.

7. Southeast Asian style furniture: With its tropical rain forest from the natural beauty and rich national characteristics swept the world. Its extensive use of wood and other natural raw materials, such as rattan, bamboo, stone, bronze and brass, the local use of some gold wallpaper, silk texture of the fabric, so that the whole home life is full of primitive simplicity from the natural wind .

8. Japanese style furniture: Furniture decorative square to the main square geometry, the use of wooden sliding doors, floor to ceiling windows.

9. Chinese style furniture: Classical majestic, like the use of natural wood and other hardwood furniture, such as acid, red sandalwood, pear, mahogany, like to embossed, nested way Diaolongfeng phoenix, exquisite workmanship,portable aluminum folding cloth stools color to dark red, Families affluent in the elderly most loved, calligraphy and painting, Chinese knot, bonsai, the ancient screen, every fan is indispensable decoration.

10. African-style furniture: The overall heritage of African culture in the rough factors, the room can choose different patterns of antique floor tiles, but the tone will be biased in heavy tone, stable dirt. African-style decoration like sculpture, because the sculpture itself, the color of thick and sluggish weight, prone to nausea feeling, so the selection of the wall color will be very bold, the traditional white and yellow, gray blue, green, tender Powder distribution in different walls, this combination of fresh and refreshing tone represents a clear leisurely means.

11. Classical style furniture:

And strive to achieve the effect of elegant, a look at the sense of wealth is full of luxury aristocratic color. Main colors are white, golden yellow, good use of curves, beautiful lines, and decorated with gold wire Phnom Penh, mainly to large ornaments, such as large-scale lighting, curtains, arches. Suitable for large-family structure, especially double-type design.

12. minimalist style furniture: Space modeling is more concise, but without losing the fashion, with a straight line, generally unique creative asymmetric design, elegant style, simple, crisp, attention to the practical function of indoor space.

13. Popular Style Furniture: The main feature is the constant renewal of creativity, with the change of time and time to change, followed by the current trend of design.

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