Waterproof Digital Cameras on a Budget

So, new digital camera models are boasting new improved specifications with more megapixels like the brand new Canon SOE 7D that delivers a nice 18.2 megapixels. 

4k digital camera

What're megapixels and how important are they? As a general rule in the digital marketplace, the more pixels a graphic gets the more detail the image will have. This also means the image file size will undoubtedly be larger needing more significant storage capacity available. One thing to think about is that whenever you take pictures with your digital camera using a higher resolution, you won't be able to take as many pictures as you could with a lower resolution. Why? Because the higher the resolution, the more memory that is needed to store each photo. 

More pixels give you the capture of additional shading and color providing a more realistic looking image. An electronic camera's resolution is rated in megapixels. Quite simply your image sharpness is contingent on the digital camera's resolution. A good example would be the Nikon D5000 providing 12.3 megapixels for great image quality. 

This being said in the event that you will be exclusively printing 5x7 prints you are able to capture good quality detail with a camera with 3 or 4 megapixel resolutions. 

Pixel count expressed in megapixels is really a simple mathematic equation multiplying the amount of horizontal pixels by how many vertical pixels. Like a 3mp camera has 2,048 (horizontal) x 1,536(vertical) pixels or 3,145,728 pixels or 3mp.

Small differences in pixel count are seemingly unimportant when it comes to print quality. Doubling pixel count increases resolution by about 40% which isn't enough to make a lot of a difference. One needs at least a doubling of linear resolution to create a clear improvement. That is the same as quadrupling the megapixels. The factors that matter, like color and sharpening algorithms, are far more significant. 

So go to discover the best value and purchase the highest megapixel digital camera. With technological advances moving at a huge rate of speed printer advances may catch around digital capture technology and those extra megapixels may provide quite a difference in the near future. 

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