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Waddle Home is a game about life as a benevolent alien who loves saving penguins and solving puzzles. Grab your Vive and guide penguins through a snowy world filled with traps, guards, and ice, and lead them back home to the Rescue Ship. Bop blocks and toggle switches to help them escape nasty traps and dodge those pesky robot guards. Save the penguins as fast as you can, and collect all three eggs in each level to get a high score!

  • Hang out in an Antarctic wonderland, complete with the Aurora Australis and a spaceship or two.
  • Bop and spin 40 different frozen levels! Maybe wear mittens?
  • Catch snowflakes! Really! But not in your mouth.
  • Collect eggs! Penguins love eggs. They also love fish, but those are harder to hold with a Vive controller.
  • Check out whales and dive underwater (Note: We are not responsible for thawing out your Vive headset).

Title: Waddle Home
Genre: Casual, Indie, Strategy
Archiact Interactive Ltd.
Release Date: 7 Jul, 2016


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Waddle home is is a a very cute game that does nothing to hide it's mobile app influences. From the start screen, to the puzzle level mechanics and simple interactions, this, at heart, screams app store.

I'm not sure that the casual game mechanic is a perfect one for the immersive experience of VR, as opposed to idling away a train trip, but I cannot deny, it was fun.

Standing in the freezing arctic water was a nice touch, but I really wanted to resize the island a bit, it looked a little small for my liking.

I am giving it the thumbs up as it is well made, cute, complete, well thought out and deserves to be seen.

My kids are eager to give it a go and I'm sure they'll love it - but just be aware, this is not a game that utilises VR to its full, it's a casual puzzler that could quite as easily been on my phone.. Very fun puzzle game that gets increasingly challenging as you advance through the levels. This game is a perfect fit for VR as you have to look around at different angles to see everything, I can't imagine playing it without VR. Only complaint is that it's a little short, I beat all levels and collected all eggs in 2 hours. But it is one of the most polished games for VR right now and for $10 I think its worth it if you like puzzle games.. Review updated after ending the game (around 2hrs for 40 levels). Very polished esperience, with very nice music too. Being a puzzle game, the overall level of difficulty is not very high (depending on your skills too) but it's not as easy as Water Bears that don't offer any challenge for 95% of levels (and the remaining 5% is extremely difficult!). The game is good if you've the space, so you can walk around your level, but can be played also with a small chaperone.

Suggested if you love puzzles, or simply want a polished vr game with a real start and a real ending.. Has Penguins. Need I really say more here?

Fun puzzle game, cute graphics, has penguins. Worth the money.

Did I mention this game has penguins? Yeah? Well it's awesome.. This is a great little puzzle game! I added it to my library with the intention of just having another vanilla title for guests not interested in fighting robots or swinging swords to play. I was pleasantly surprised to find a combination of good puzzles and intuitive controls that got me hooked as well. This is a great title for kids, but still lots of fun for adults too.. definitely a family friendly game. very sytlized art, and challenging puzzles. I like it!. Waddle Home is a fun puzzle game in the genre of ChuChuRocket (Dreamcast).

Release a penguin from it's cage and it will walk forward untill it hits an obstacle, then turns right and walks forward again. Get the penguin to the spaceship! Collect the eggs along the way. Sounds simple but the levels become more and more complex.

It's a great family game or if you want to cool down from actiongames. Looks good, sounds good, runs great, good price.

Specs: i7 6700k, 16GB RAM, R9 390.

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