For most useful effects, follow the dosing information on the medication packaging. In order to minimize the risk of the Imodium functioning too effectively and offering you with a new problem — namely, that of constipation — it is preferred that you begin with a small dose, probably restraining you to ultimately one to two mg on the span of a day. A more normal amount of Imodium is always to get 2 mg, twice a day.

If essential, you can raise the quantity of Imodium that you take. The absolute most you ought to ever take in a day is 8 mg until your doctor says you otherwise. Be sure to drink plenty of water while using Imodium.

Keep in mind that Imodium will soon be at their highest amount of usefulness around 16 to 24 hours when you take it.

Observe: Don't get Imodium in the event that you see any indicator of anal bleeding or body in your stool. Also, avoid it if you should be running a fever or have any other signs of a bacterial contamination such as C. diff, salmonella, or E. coli. With a bacterial infection, that you don't want to decelerate the bowel because you intend to support your body get rid of the infectious agent as rapidly as possible.Imodium is commonly well-tolerated and to cause small area effects. This is because it works primarily within the big intestine. Very little of the treatment enters the body and it does not corner the blood-brain barrier, hence there is number risk of addiction.

is it safe? How much can you get without worrying that you took an excessive amount of? Let us take a peek at what Imodium may do for you and whether or not it bears any protection risks.

Imodium is a treatment that is effective in reducing the outward indications of diarrhea.

Specifically, Imodium performs in the next ways:

Reduces the pace and volume of colon contractions.
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