Running-in period is to ensure that the normal operation of small rollers, reduce the failure rate, extending its useful life of an important part. But at present, some users because of the shortage of roller use knowledge or because the duration is tight,professional asphalt removal equipment supplier or want to get paid to ignore the new machine run-in period of special skills. Some users even think that, if manufacturers have repair period, the machine is broken by the manufacturers as a repair, so the machine in the run-in period for a long time on the use of overload, resulting in frequent early machine failure, which not only affects the normal use of the machine,high tech expansion joint sealer Shorten the life of the machine, but also because of damage to the machine affected the progress of the project. Therefore, the application and protection of small hand roller should be paid attention to.

First, the characteristics of the run-in period

1, wear speed: installation and adjustment factors such as the impact of the rough appearance of the conflict, the cooperation area of ​​small touch area, the surface of the pressure situation is uneven. The machine during operation, the parts of the convex surface of some conflict with each other, grinding down the metal debris as abrasives continue to participate in the conflict, but also accelerated the appearance of parts co-wear. As a result,Environmentally friendly heater infrared market wear and tear of the simple constituent parts (particularly the cooperative appearance) during the running-in period is high. At this time, if the overload operation, it can lead to damage to parts, early onset of illnesses.

2, smooth bad: because the newly installed parts of the cooperation gap is small, but also because of installation and other reasons, it is difficult to ensure the uniformity of co-operation gap, smooth oil (grease) is not easy to form a uniform surface in the conflict oil film to prevent wear. And then drop smooth performance, constitute the early abnormal wear and tear parts. Severe will form a fine cooperation in the appearance of conflict or bite the appearance of conflict, leading to problems of the attack.

3, loosening: the new processing and installation of parts, there are many shapes and cooperation standards of error, in the early use, because of the impact, oscillation and other alternating load, and heat, deformation and other factors, coupled with wear too fast Reason, simple to make the original parts of the loosening of fastening.

4, the appearance of leakage seizures: mechanical parts of the loose, the vibration of the machine affected by heat,Small road grooving machinery repair the machine sealing surface and pipe joints will show signs of leakage, and some casting, machining and other shortcomings difficult to find in the installation and debugging, but because During the operation of the oscillation, the impact of the effect, this shortcoming was exposed, manifested as leakage (infiltration) oil (water), thus, run-in period simple appearance of leakage.

5, operational errors: because of the machine layout, the function of the lack of knowledge (especially the new operator), simply because of operational errors lead to problems, and even lead to mechanical trouble.

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