Trigonarium Free Download [Xforce Keygen]

Trigonarium Free Download [Xforce Keygen]

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About This Game

Trigonarium is a hardcore twin-stick shooter for fans of challenging arcade gaming. Fight your way through multitudes of enemy formations in constantly shifting battle arenas to face the colossal level bosses.

  • Original campaign, a 3 world arcade mode to introduce you to the world of Trigonarium
  • Ultimate campaign, a 5 world super intense experience to push your skills to the limit
  • Challenge modes for quick play sessions
  • Local 2 player cooperative play available for all modes

Note: The game can be played with keyboard or mouse/keyboard combination, but a controller is highly recommeded! 7ad7b8b382

Title: Trigonarium
Genre: Action, Indie
Kimmo Lahtinen
Kimmo Lahtinen
Release Date: 31 Aug, 2015


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I bought this game on a whim. For the price you have to pay, you get a game that's:

1. Easy to read

2. offers a unique boosting mechanic

3. Is filled with all kinds of interesting game modes

What's also fun is that there's even a local multiplayer feature. So if you and your friend enjoy shooting abstract shapes and keeping your eyes peeled when the arenas re-configure themselves, give this game a try!. Crisp, clean, intense, chaotic action plus a bangin soundtrack! If you like Waves or Geometry Wars this will please you!. I don't write reviews but the value + playability + yeehaw! factor of this game made me do it. I want to be helpful so I will keep this short and focused.

Asteroids for grownups on LSD may represent the controls, the purpose, and the environment. Only one other metaphor is missing but I couldn't remember any games that did it. The maps you play on run a pre-programmed series of changes that alternately confound and isolate. Big open map starts and you are spinning and dodging to avoid enemies as they home in on you, then a warning sequence begins and you have to figure out where you think you should be. A level transformation won't kill you but it could leave you in a wholly isolated -tiny tiny- box of sadness for a few seconds. And while you are there, your new mini slice of the whole map is still spawning enemies in a 3" x 3" anxiety pool. When it happend to me I thought I might have found the fatal flaw in the design concept, then my prison cell burped homing death triangles at me and I just spun, fired, and laughed.

I like to shop on Steam for the 0.01 - 5.99 range of games looking for gems. This game, for the number of game modes (and each of the game modes has options for how you play that mode) and the pucker factor, is a gem.

I think I paid 2.99 for this title and I was satisfied in the first few minutes I played it.

Have fun--. Fantastic little arcade style twin stick shooter, just what I was looking for. It's definitely not recieveing the popularity it deserves.. I can't believe that this game has not received any love.

This is a Rose Red arena shooter.

The arena is constantly morphing.

There are more modes than Paul Bunyon could swing a giant redwood at.

The controls are slick and smooth.

I imagine co-op to be a pretty good rush.

I'll write more later...


if you're any kind of retro style arena twin sticker...

you need this.

. This game is amazing. I hope is recieves some love in the near future. :). i havent played this game that much yet but i cant tell its a pretty solid game for this cheap and i know i will be playing this in the future too it has nice levels and nice cobat. So I kind of bought this game on a whim, and let me say, I am NOT disappointed!

The gameplay is a very solid, tight knit, twin stick shooter with a unique boosting mechanic. The pacing, is fresh and frantic, with different enemy types and an ever changing arena.

The morphing arena is brilliant and really switches up the gameplay and your overall strategy. One minute your in an expansive room, the next your rubbing shoulders against the wall. I love it.

The sounds and visuals are very crisp, with satisfying sound effects when you fire your weapon. And the music is good too, however I do wish there were more tracks.

Overall I love this game, and it is CRIMINALLY UNDERATED! I wish more people knew about this game, because I think it would be a nice addition to the other twin stick shooters. With a multitude of game modes, achievements, and local coop, I will be spending a lot of time on Trigonarium.

. Minimalistic and really enjoyable twin stick shooter. Highly recommended!. This is a really enjoyable twin stick shooter with a fun dash mechanic instead of the usual bomb. The changing arena keeps you on your toes even on multiple level retries. A really solid and fun game!

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