It is vital to ask several questions before beginning the search for the right model.


- Annual print volume.

It is necessary to know the annual print volume because all the machines are designed and designed to work correctly within a monthly printing flow, whatever it is to operate a machine outside of those parameters will become problems sooner rather than later printing new york.


- Need to print in color or not.

We think that every company should print in color, all the documentation that is given to clients official agencies etc, we recommend that you print from color laser equipment and in an optimal quality. He speaks very well of a company the presentation in his works or documents.


- Need or not to have a printer or multifunction.

Nowadays every SME must have a multifunction, although there are still very small companies that do not need this option.


- Paper formats and thicknesses that the machine has to admit A3, A4, envelope, etc

You have to know all these aspects so that once the printer is purchased, it does not take us the displeasure of not being able to print in this or that format of paper or thickness that we need to do on time.


- Connectivity

How many computers can or should we connect to a printer? It is necessary to be able to know this aspect so as not to create a bottleneck in the team, or conflict situations when confidential documentation is launched.


- In case of choosing a multifunction, know how to recognize what the company needs to be able to choose the services of scanner, fax etc

It is essential to know what type of document is printed in the company, but also what type of document is scanned to be able to acquire a machine with duplexer in all options or not, or that has fax or not etc

Well as you can see they are multiple (not all are listed) the factors that need to be found before accessing the purchase or acquisition of a printing equipment, but without a doubt we have left for the end which for us is the factor primordial.


- The cost and capacity of consumables.

Undoubtedly the biggest mistake when buying a printer is to get carried away by an offer or promotion in which very, very often, the printer leaves us very cheap but then the prices of the consumables are scandalously expensive, and also make very few copies for the price they have. It is essential to succeed at this point and then be able to have a considerable saving in the cost per copy.

It is of vital importance to know this point that we have just explained, so as not to cause unnecessary displeasure. From TGM we made a totally free study, to all SMEs that want to change printing equipment so they can know or know all this data and be able to choose when choosing a printer, multifunction or photocopier.

There are few times that we find equipment that when consumables have been used up to occupy a place of honor in a warehouse, or storage room due to the high cost of consumables, or equipment that does not meet the needs of a company, or perhaps the most curious companies that need a multifunction printer and have sold them with contracts hook a photocopier with its integral maintenance to 5 or 6 years, with functions that are not going to be used by the company and for those who end up paying a cost high.


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