In this industry, we spend a lot of time trading  SEO tactics and ideas with each other for mutual benefit.

It’s a wonderful thing. Not every industry does this.

Unfortunately, we invest less time in talking about how to develop our own SEO strategies.

While every SEO strategy is – and should be – different, there’s an underlying strategy to developing strategies.

Here are five things every SEO strategy needs.

A mind map is a place to build your strategy from the ground up. A mind map is simply a branching series of categories, usually reaching out from the center, moving from more general to more specific categories, with ideas becoming more granular.

It isn’t a visualization of your final strategy. A mind map exists not to help you present your plan, but to help you think about it.

Mind maps are tools that help you envision your thinking process in a way that makes it easier for you to combine ideas by helping you see how they fit together as a whole. They help reduce the load that your strategy imposes on your working memory so that you can focus on thinking and brainstorming.

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