The keyword ranking is not going up? Top 10 SEO keywords to optimize mines first

Fill out the form immediately and get a digital marketing consultant!Fill out the form immediately and get a digital marketing consultant!Optimizing website SEO (search engine optimization) and blogging is an important part of content marketing strategy. Although SEO is constantly changing, it is still the number one in online marketing because it is a very powerful way to attract visitors and guide accurate prospects into the Marketing Funnel.
If you are not very familiar with SEO, what is the recommended way to read SEO Search Engine Optimization? SEO teaching for beginners!
Due to the development of search engines and user changes, search engine optimization methods are constantly updated, it is not easy to master the most successful optimization techniques, so many companies are caught in the trap of incorrect keyword ranking. The result of the excessive operation may hurt. The quality of the website has greatly reduced the traffic and conversion rate.

Have you seen the SEO optimization teaching on the website? Let's take a look at the top ten common SEO errors so that you can avoid being punished and make your website healthier and get more free traffic!
Table of Contents 1. Choose the wrong keyword 2. Fill the keyword (Keyword Stuffing)3. Content not related to keywords 4. Publish non-original content 5. Skip Title Tags & Meta Descriptions 6. Lack of quality links 7. Confused internal links 8. Do not invest in fast and mobile device experience 9. Do not use the power of influencers for social media interaction 10. Forgot to analyze

1. Choose the wrong keyword You want to optimize your site's keyword rankings, but have you chosen the right keywords?

One of the most common mistakes in choosing keywords is to ignore search engine and user preference for long-tail keywords. While you may define your products and services in some way, it's even more important to understand what words your potential customers will use to search for products. Sometimes, you think that the correct terminology may mean something completely different, or it may be too general. In either case, you are optimizing for all the wrong keywords.
Website SEO optimization tool recommended Before you start optimizing, you'd better study the background knowledge carefully. Use tools like Google AdWords keyword planner, Google Trends, SEMrush, and Moz Keyword Explorer to help you get the most out of your search trends and keyword context! 

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2. Fill the keyword (Keyword Stuffing)You might think that using your target keywords in every sentence of your content will improve your rating. In fact, excessive keyword use can be judged by spa search engines as spam, which can actually hurt your SEO performance.
That's why keyword "filling" or overusing the keywords you want is not critical to the success of your search engine optimization. This approach will make your content unnatural and useless to your target audience. In fact, Google is using a special search method called "* Lamantic Semantic Index (LSI) ". This app recognizes your content theme without having to repeat your target keywords in the content.
*What is LSI? For example, the keyword "SEO Optimization" may have "SEO Website Optimization", "SEO Optimization Teaching" and "SEO Optimization", which are related to the original keywords. Google will use LSI to determine that your content theme is related to SEO optimization, rather than keywords and content, to ensure that the audience can see what they really want to see after searching.
3. Content not related to keywords Another common mistake in SEO optimization is that the content is actually independent of the keywords you set. The problem is that you want to rank a keyword, but you don't focus on your target topic. Search engines like Google want to provide users with the most relevant content for search. Therefore, if your content does not meet the user's needs, then the keyword ranking will certainly not climb.
This mistake is often caused by trying to do several different topics in a single content, making low-quality content to include keywords, or optimizing for multiple keywords in an article. Your main goal should be to create content that truly matches the issues and needs of your target audience, including using the right search terms.
4. Publish non-original content The next typical error is related to the quality of your content. While replication is a common practice, search engines penalize this approach. Copying and plagiarizing content is considered spam and we strongly discourage it.
Duplicate content doesn't work at all. Don't copy or use it to make a new look from other places, and you should invest in creating original and meaningful content. This is also the only way to ensure that your site is not downgraded or pushed behind search results.
5. Skip Title Tags & Meta Descriptions Keyword optimization
Title Tags and Meta Descriptions are the basic elements of SEO, don't forget them! Search engines will incorporate these SEO optimization factors when crawling your site, and if done well, can improve SEO optimization.
※ The current Meta Description is not a Google ranking factor, but it is still of great importance as the first thing users see before they enter the site.
Another technical detail that content marketers sometimes forget is " Alt Tags " . The visual Alt tags you include in your content are important because they are another sign of how you position your article. The search crawler assumes that the image cannot be seen – but they can read the alt tag and index your page to see if it is related to the tag. So you can also put keywords in the Alt Tags (remember, you must be positively related to the content!)
Keyword optimization
6. Lack of quality linksIn order to get the most out of SEO, content marketers should master the external link quality in the content.
This is more important than quantity. That's why it's best to make sure you're connected to a top-ranked website with a good reputation, not any website. It is also useful to link the link back to your website, as this will bring additional traffic in the future. When it comes to link to another counterproductive approach is to use an invalid anchor text ( Anchor text). This wastes valuable search engine optimization opportunities because anchor text means the link between the reader and the search robot and how it can benefit the user. So, avoid using "click here" as the anchor text and make sure you choose a variety of anchor text, because using the same text over and over again can be considered spam. 

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7. Confused internal links There are also some common mistakes that should be noted when including internal links. Of course, it's important to consider your best-performing page and consider placing a link in your content that connects to the well-behaved page in your site. This is a way to give them exposure and create more additive effects. But make sure that the internal link to the page must be related to your content, otherwise, the search engine will be judged as spam when it climbs. This is also a good practice for consumers.
As with keyword padding, it's important to be careful not to over-internal links. If content and links don't look natural, your target customers won't be able to read your content, and it won't be favored by search engines because it can be seen as a form of fraud.
8. Do not invest in fast and mobile device experience SEO optimization is not just about content and keywords. This is also about the quality of your website, especially on mobile devices, which is now the user's first choice. Google and other search engines can identify whether your site is friendly to mobile devices.
If you don't consider the mobile device experience that gives your target audience a smooth, your search engine's evaluation may be compromised and the page load speed will be the same. If a slow site causes the SERP to drop, you don't have to be surprised. You can use online tools such as Pingdom and GT Metrix to analyze the source of speed issues and how to solve them.
9. Do not use the power of influencers for social media interaction SEO optimization also has a community concept in it. When you share your content on social media, one of the main goals is to get the attention of users with important online influences. This means that content will be noticed by the target audience and search engines, and your keyword rankings may increase. That's why it's important to build relationships with this “influencer” and use its credibility to promote your content. Building relationships and structured expansion through influencers is an integral part of your optimization strategy. BuzzSumo is a tool that can observe the performance of web pages in the community and can help you.
10. Forgot to analyze Last but not least is "forgot to analyze." The only way to know your SEO and content efforts is to track their progress. Many marketing people will ignore these numbers, but this is a serious mistake! Setting up and regularly checking the analysis is critical to optimizing the results.

The Google Analytics and Google Search Console tools are the two main tools you can use to measure and get an overview of your site’s performance.
SEO optimization is an integral part of any content marketing strategy today. Although you can find a lot of advice and teach online, you may still make the above 10 important mistakes, but this is very common. Want to outsource? Be sure to find the right SEO optimization company for you! Collecting customer data marketing has tied "content marketing" and "SEO search engine optimization" together!

If you want to understand how SEO, digital advertising and customer marketing are matched, and how to effectively plan your digital marketing strategy, we offer free business consulting services for your business size, marketing budget, audience profile analysis, industry and competition research. You create a dedicated marketing strategy plan. By grasping the behavioral changes of digital consumers, multi-channel marketing layout (community, SEO, word of mouth), reducing marketing costs, breaking through your current customer base and revenue bottlenecks, allowing companies to successfully meet the next The growth goal of the stage.

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