The FUT Chemistry Glitch - Part 2

So where does the blame lie?

buy cheapest fifa 17 coins The reality is that whether EA knew about this, or whether it’s a genuine bug, the net result for FUT gamers is the same. Whichever is true, we’ve still suffered potentially years of wasted packs, points and coins spent on items in Ultimate Team which were no better than the Day 1 counterparts we already owned. Not everyone can afford to spend thousands of pounds on FIFA Points, but what everyone does spend is their time. Which would make this glitch a bitter pill to swallow for everyone who's ever invested their time grinding to buy unknowingly inferior In Form versions.

cheapest fifa 17 coins ever When faced with these highly charged situations though I always try to take my own emotion out of the mix, because it’s very easy to just type “F**K YOU EA” on Twitter in a fit of rage, but less so to put yourself in their shoes. I've been burnt in the past by making assumptions about FIFA's code, so forgive my caution. But if you’re EA right now, how do you deal with this? After you’ve finished having kittens of course.

cheapest fifa 17 coins website If they confirm the Chemistry Glitch to be real, the community will be in open revolt and so will the press. Refund claims will be abundant and Anne Robinson and the Ladbible will be doing overtime. FIFA is box-office, and whenever a giant falls, everyone will be queuing up to stick the boot in. It could be a very grim few weeks indeed.

Then of course we have the all new Frostbite driven FIFA 17 on the horizon, which has so far done a pretty good job of peaking the community’s interest in a number of key areas. But any confirmation with regards to this bug would no doubt have a very real impact on people’s willingness to not only buy FIFA 17, but to re-invest yet again, in Ultimate Team it's crowning mode. It’s a brilliant, and captivating mode in that there’s no doubt, but there’s only so much people's patience and wallets can take.

cheapest fifa coin sites Compounding the problem is Ultimate Team’s insistence on making us all start from scratch as every annual iteration releases. Which has always been a bone of contention for me. All that time, all that money invested in players and squads is destroyed every year, and we pay £50 for the privilege of doing so. That lack of persistence in items earned between generations would have been high on EA’s list to tackle, but with these new revelations, it makes it almost mandatory for FIFA 17 to do something compelling with the items people already own today.

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