I have to agree with them. I wish they would fix those items too but considering NC west has very little control over the product and programming we really will be heavily based on the kr version as that's the version the programmers directly work with.

If you need an example of this you don't even need to look far. Aion was the same way and we get delayed translated versions of the kr copy even today. NC west is little more then the English face and custodian for this game. The best we can really hope for is them forwarding your feed back to Korea and praying they have time to fix it while focusing on the Korean updates and the localizing efforts for china, americas, Europe and russia.

It's really not though. I was watching some of the archived livestreams on the Blade & Soul youtube channel the last few days, and I believe the stream right before CBT opened this week with some free Blade And Soul Items, they basically said they they were only interested in feedback specifically related to the NA/EU version, presumably related to translation and overall flow. They also said any game balance or general engine feedback would go to the KR team, but they wouldn't be able to address it directly.

They also mentioned they want the NA/EU version to remain competitively the same as the Asian versions, so they will also not be doing anything when it comes to class balance. Again, feedback like that would be sent back to the KR team, but the NA/EU version is going to be basically the same game as every other version that came before it.

I'm definitely a fanboy of B&S, but I've also experienced some things about the game can make it really annoying at times, such as the tendency of the game to lose control of the mouse cursor with Blade & Soul Power leveling. Nothing like being in the middle of a fight and I move my mouse just a little too fast and it goes to my second monitor. I've also gotten myself stuck more times than I'd like for a game as long as it's been out, but it's not a huge thing IMO since it doesn't really happen during combat. Definitely doesn't help immersion though.

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