Such as everything else in life, there are many bande myths surrounding experienced cl?ture enthusiasts who are tired of listening to.

Myth 1: the tight-fitting clothes are not comfortable!
They can, however this is usually due to poor dimension or poor quality. This is why you have to measure chest circumference, waistline circumference, hip circumference as well as length to ensure that your encadrement is the right size. A top quality corset size will best suit the wearer like gloves easily.
In corset, we know essential it is to find a corset best suited your unique body type. That's why our own custom corset is designed together with your every measurement in mind. Through the delicate steam punk zone to a simple black loin loom, you can customize your own custom corset in various colours, styles and high quality components to represent your unique personality and also body shape.

Myth 2: restricted clothes help to lose weight!
Even though you want it to be correct, it is not. Tights are made to the actual hourglass body lighter, however the weight still needs to proceed somewhere. However , corsets, for example our Gothic waist coaching corset, do help reduce hunger and encourage snacks.

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