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Title: Tactics 2: War
Genre: Action, Simulation, Strategy
Capt McCay Soft
Capt McCay Soft
Release Date: 22 Sep, 2017


  • OS: Windows, Mac
  • Processor: 2.66 GHz
  • Memory: 3 GB RAM
  • Graphics:


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Very Fun Game. Crashes on Loading Screen sometimes, and in game it freezes now and again. and before you give up thinking it's crashed, just hit alt-tab and wait for it to "resynch" the display and the game resumes. Because it crashes enought to be considered an ongoing issue, you must save often. To Save during game play, you press escape and then you see the desktop - it didn't crash - just wait for it. then you will see the screen - definite lag. perhaps "program switching" or "chaining" as it's called - but saving frequently is KEY because without saving, you will certainly not finish the game. and without remembering to save alot, you will grow frustrated. Why Bother if it crashes? BEcause the concept is great, the riding in any vehicle and jumping back out - taking control and letting AI take over again - is really cool, especially when you want to do some sniping because AI waits until its closer than you can hit them - so manually jumping in a rocket tank or a plane or boat and just hammering on the enemy from a distance for as long as you can is much more damaging then letting the AI do it its own way - they are evenly matched - the AI. but that's how you can get a little edge - have many vehicles all running on AUTO-PILOT but you can pick one vehicle at a time and pummel the enemy from a distance. :) I'm really hoping this developer doesn't fall off the map or feel too disgruntled like this is some failure or something - it's botched a bit but I think a a few hardcore debugging sessions by the guy and a patch would do wonders. You can toggle if AI Follows The AI, You Can Toggle if AI Automatically Shoots whether you press fire or not, or make it fully manual. Again - crashes alot, try ALT+TAB before thinking it's crashed if the game screen freezes, wise to save after that to be safe. Note, if you save your game, then try to continue and the load screen locks up - just kill it, start it up again, then continue - should work - it's weird - one time it will lock up - do it again - then it works. If it wasn't so fun for me, I prefer less micro management, more grab your troops, set them up - and fight - I hate making bases and building etc. So for me this is ideal. Crashing not ideal, but finding a RTS that I think is a blast and seems fiarly balanced and not like the Computer AI is insane. One thing though, because the Navigation can be a little clunky flying around, the computer can assign way points and orders and stuff fast for all its troops - you are much slower mechanically in this regard. For this reason, I don't think it would be unfair in this game to allow Pausing and giving orders while paused so you can give 20 orders to 20 different military vehicles and then hit play and watch them act it out syncronously. That would help. Fix the Crashing, and you could charge more than a buck in my opinion pretty easily. The Faster you can take over unused "bases" the faster you get more equipment as the bases create vehicles as the war marches on so. All in all FUN but you got to go in expecting Crashes, Screen Freeze (Press Alt+TAB to fix) usually works, and SAVE OFTEN! I think the Developer who pulled this together, likely made his own game engine or used a barebones one with close ties to direct x - I'm a developer and I'm convinced his main display bug is losing the display device context, I know the hook coded for ALT-TAB is to prepare the game for the fact that the video card ram is about to get wiped haphazardly, and when the game gets focus again, the code is supposed to reload all models, textures and shaders (this game doesn't use shaders aside from one that does regular cartesian graphics) that's all tech speak. but basically - ALT-TAB tricks the program into "reestablishing" all Video ram and Assets and prepares them fro render. so. I think that's why it fixes his "Lost Deisplay context" - It's called Context Switching - anyways. Fun Game - sometimes plays an 45 minutes without crashing. and a few freezes. but save OFTEN. To speed up some things, you can click the icons for your "surviving units" and then click way points without needing to find them, but which one you picked and sent on a mission is a guess, they aren't indivudally labels with numbers . like Tank !, Rocket 2, Sub 1, Destroyer Boat 5. so. not perfect but again, if I didn't find it so fun when it is running and didn't think the developer is or was on to a great vision. I dunno - I hope he stays in the field and makes a patch and or a rewrite that is the same vision - just improved from what he learned the first time he wrote it. I dunno. Cool Game. Intermittant, but Fun. Edit: Just beat it the Easy Level - Tons of fun - saved three times along the way. Each time I Save, I Exit the program, start fresh, then continue playing where I saved from. It turns out this is timed based, because I was pretty much owning the board and it didn't say who won so I was starting to methodically hunt down stragglers and take over anything I didn't have under "my flag" and then messages started to appear. "Victory in 160 seconds". then when It was time ups - I got a show of Fireworks with Victory splashed on the screen - YAY. Not an Advanced tactical game, but again, I love the style of it. I think its fun, I hope he makes a sequel that is even better. I am thinking he may have wrote the 3D Engine From Scratch. I dunno. I Like how the planes buzz around and don't crash into each other and stuff like that - very cool.

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