Strategy to get fifa 15 ultimate team coins

Fifa 15 is a video game that has star skill footballers to play with and requires players to have complete knowledge about the game.

While searching and playing this game, you will find that the game allows players to make gold teams that will better help them win in the game and snatch success from the competitors. If you also want to make a team then here are some tips to go with:

The best way to play this game is to acquire Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Coins that can be bought in an auction. You can jump into the auction with a winning bid or sometimes, you need not to make a bid as some sales do not get any bid and leave it at the beginning bid with 150 coins.

If you are having a complete team of footballers, consisting of gold or silver players, then it is a bit tricky to shift your card. They will be sold in auction rarely, at twenty or less coins as compared to what you can earn from an instant-sell. So, it is better to hold them until you have 60 or above rated cards.

Play and win a few rewarding tournaments in order to earn coins and purchase new premium players. Before going to play these tournaments, you need to make your team according to their restrictions as some will require your team to have players from certain nationalities.

Yes, it will be difficult to sell a bronze level player. Don't worry; start with tournaments or leagues that are set at Semi-Pro and Amateur difficulty. It will help you increase the importance of your bronze player and it will be sold soon. Give your key players some rest by rotating the team and do not waste their energy in small games. Keep them safe for tougher matches.

With the help of Fifa 15 coins, you will be able to artificially increase the strength of players by purchasing strong players available in the market. After buying players, be sure to increase their price somewhere from 100 to 600 Fifa 15 ultimate team coins and place them again in the market. Use six or more footballers to get required results.

Before taking your Fifa ultimate team online, you have to find a player having a gold squad. In short, Fifa 15 ultimate team coins can be earned in a number of ways easily.

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