wrote: Guys, I've found the secret to making him appear. Have 1+ low level weapons with you. I had like lvl 26 stuff with me, got/built the galatine sword blueprint, then right on the first mission I went on with it, he appeared. I got 2 stalkers in one day with that. Granted, I was killed both times, but it works better if you have one or more lower level weapons. Unranked is the best. I dont think its Granted cuz I was playing like this for long time befor update11 so after update11 he appear twice so its not low lvl so something like that I have played like this 5 time Mercury-Apollodorus to 30mis or more than 5time he did appear wrote: Someone said somewhere that if you kill a boss 4 times or something and then go on a regular mission with low levels weapons Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online, he will appear. Uhh, no. I was farming loki parts for hours and i ended up having to go through it a million times. (Roughly.) I decided to pay some attention to my Miter (Which was unranked) and no stalker. I wonder where he got that information from? He doesn't seems to appear during assasination mission, so if you were constantly doing assasination missions. that would explain why you didn't see him at all. wrote: Seen him only twice. First i was too low lvl that he 1hit killed me with dash. Second time I dunno wtf happened. I had trinitys blessing on so basically i had god mode on and he still one hit killed me even though he wasent near me or did the dash. Maybe the pull is glitched for him too? like sometimes when you do pull you can 1hit kill bosses. Maybe he can 1hit kill players too. He can ignore the blessing and all other buffs/debuffs with just one skill for the entire fight 81 Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes.159.113.157 wrote: I fought him in an event quest with some friends and got despair, first time killing him. Second time, he dropped dread and my account fucked me over and I lost the blueprints and a shiton of experience. I'll try the "Kill a boss 4 times method" but it seemes he only appears a while after you kill the boss. You only have to kill a boss once as that would give you a deathmark. Killing it again will only waste time, unless it is affinity that you seek. Either way the stalker has chance of spawning on every mission except assasination and dojo once you have a deathmark. He can spawn on the mission right after you killed the boss because it is always the same chance os spawning. He usually comes while after you gained the deathmark simply because that is more likely to happen #math wrote: Wiki sez "If we force him to flee by bringin down his health down to 10% we can get his drop Newport Cigarettes For Sale, Is that mean that u must bring him down to low health but not kill him? Coz I've kill stalker today at eris Corpus Invasion and all he drop is slash n dash mod > Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes. The way you beat the Stalker doesn't matter, it's either by killing him with quick burst or then bring his health low enough and he will automatically flee. I also had the artifact on me. Right when I picked up the artifact, he attacked me. Only then. When I had 50 health and was moving slow as fuck. To make things even worse, my team had absolutely no experience with the Stalker. I was running around as fast as I could (Which was fucking slow) while my team went HAM on him with melee instead of their guns, which was a bad idea. Also, they've never seen Nyx before, as he used Absorb and they all went down. He then turned around, threw a single Despair blade, and 1-shot me. Note that I was using my lvl 15 gear. How do you farm Stalker? I've killed him with my Galatine, two shot. The trick I use is to get him to lock down and spawn in a small room, then as he stands up, just use the spinning combo from Cleaving Whirlwind, or slide spin if you have no stance. I've killed him every time Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, but he's only should up 7 times in the entirety that I've played Warframe and some of those were him targeting others. I have death marks from him and I do assassination missions, a lot. I solo Vor, Lephantis, Sargus Ruk, Kela De Thaym, and Serg Nek Anyo, but no matter how many times he says "Your actions have consequences", he never shows up. How do you increase these chances? I've played for 2 years and 2 months and I have currently in my invintory 9. Dread BP's 5. Hate BP's and "0. I'm pretty sure he doesn't show in voids (just a heads up) me and a mate played voids exclusivly for about a week and didn't see him once, he does show up in derilicts though, met him today. I got dread the first time i killed him and war the 2nd time i killed him, only fought him those 2 times an both of those were on the same day within a void mission. So i can confirm he does show up in the void.
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