Space Girls Activation Code [full Version]

Space Girls Activation Code [full Version]

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About This Game

Battles for space and galaxies are cruel. Your planet is dying. In order to survive, the inhabitants of your planet need women. You have built a special spaceship, on which you must plow the expanse of the universe in search of women. Kill the enemies that do not let you take over the space girl. Only by stripping the cosmic girl, you will be able to seize her and send her to your planet, to continue the race.

Control the ship on the arrows to shoot press Shift or Spacebar. Destroy enemies, collect stars, destroy clothes on girls.

You need to go through all the levels of galaxies, undress all cosmic girls and defeat all enemies.

Excellent drawing graphics, seductive space girls, zadornaya music and many enemies. 6d5b4406ea

Title: Space Girls
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Release Date: 2 Oct, 2017


  • OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo or higher
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX11 Compatible GPU with 512 MB Video RAM
  • Storage: 300 MB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card


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Since the overwhelming success of “DEEP SPACE WAIFU” which is a game that’s been on my wishlist since release I got a bit relieve of stress for this water down copycat game call space girls.

You planet lack women and it’s up to you to save your planet. You must find and stripe those giant space girl of their cloth and capture them, take them to your planet, mate with them so your civilization would continue on….

Well that’s the cover story anyways. In truth this is a basic bullet hell top down shooter game with the objective of removing girl’s cloths. Not quite appropriate for kids but young adult will enjoy this greatly. Like I said before this game lack the depth of Deep space Waifu but it does have power ups, lives, bosses and can be quite a challenge for new comer to bullet hell game.

The bullet pattern themselves are really simple and there are just 4 type of regular enemy and the boss bullet pattern wasn’t that complicated anyways. The only thing is the speed of this game is quite fast and your ship's hit box is large too. Than again it's nothing a regular human being cannot handle.

Quick one hour finish if you good with bullet shooter since there are only 22 levels in total. 11 girls will be stripped of their clothes. One level for regular cloth and one level for underwear for every girls.

5/10 for a quick enjoyable shooter that lack depth. If you got spare money buy Deep space Waifu instead of this one. But you this fall somehow fall into your library be sure to play and enjoy it!

PS: changed the rating from 7/10 to 5/10. changed the thumbs up to thumbs down. This game is not nearly as good as DEEP SPACE WAIFU now that i played that game.. Space Girls is not a "bad" game per se, but as it is right now it isn't that great either.

On the surface, Space Girls tries hard to be another "Deep Space Waifu" and it does match the quality of art in DSW on quite a few instances. Control and gameplay however, is another story. I played with a controller and the only bit I used were the direction pad and the A to shoot. There's no special attacks, the power-ups that get dropped were sorta "meh", and the game doesn't feel all that challenging.

A few things worth noting:
1) The nudity isn't really nudity. The girls' bodies, once exposed, don't show nipples or pubic hair (think Barbie dolls). So if you're looking for some T&A, look elsewhere - cuz there ain't none here.
2) You are free to go ANYWHERE on the screen. You can fly all the way to the girl's face and then drop back down to her feet again. So you DO get to see the girl's face, but you have to fly up to it to see it.

Even though you can't expect much for a dollar these days, I can't really call Space girls a MUST HAVE game. If you're looking to build your libarary with cheap games, get it. But if you're looking for a good schmup\/bullet hell - Space Gals will not be able to scatch that itch for you.

(Yes, I know I overturned my own recommendation but if you can't recommend a game - dont)<\/b>. It's just a deep space waifu rip-off.Please don't suppor this dev.. I um was uh very horny and was looking for sweet release and this game advertised that I could undress these anime BABES and when I did in the game there was no nipple. Im very disapointed. 0/10 IGN. This is pretty much the little sister of other games in the recently reviving genre of strip SHMUPs.

That is pretty much how I can put it.
The art is decent, actually, if there was a x rated patch, it would be great.
The challenge is slightly lower than that of others in the genre, since there are many power ups to give you an extra advantage. The gameplay differs a bit from the rest, but is not something big.

Now, the flaws are the following.
No Xrated patch. It really needs it.
No capture mode or gallery to enjoy the girls. Let's face it, we are playing it for the girls, otherwise we would play another SHMUP.
One of the stages is hidden.

I sincerely dare to recommend this game because it is decent, fun to play, and considering the price, it is fair. I mean, the price is pocket money even for a guy like me. I might regret not having money for a bag of potato chips later on, but this is better than potato chips.. Space Girls might look interesting but it's really not. The gameplay is really boring and easy. Unlike Tower of Lust, this game doesn't have bugs. That doesn't mean it's good, however. It's actually the most boring shoot em up game I've ever tried. The idea is a rip-off of other similar games but all of those are better than this.

Don't buy it. Your money is better spent elsewhere.

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