Soundtrack Of Intergalactic Traveler: The Omega Sector Download For Pc [addons]

Soundtrack Of Intergalactic Traveler: The Omega Sector Download For Pc [addons]

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About This Content

This is the Full OST for the Game, It contains spoilers since you can have access to all the music into the game.

Track list:

1. All systems on - Tech electronic song
2. And the robot just smile
3. Audio Signal N1
4. Audio Signal N2
5. Audio Signal N3
6. Audio Signal N4
7. Audio Signal N5
8. Audio Signal N6
9. Audio Signal N7
10. Audio Signal N8
11. Audio Signal N9
12. Audio Signal N10
13. Audio Signal N11
14. Audio Signal N12
15. Audio Signal N13
16. Audio Signal N14
17. Audio Signal N15
18. Audio Signal N16
19. Audio Signal N17
20. Audio Signal N18
21. Audio Signal N19
22. Audio Signal N20
23. Audio Signal N21
24. Audio Signal N22
25. Audio Signal N23
26. Audio Signal N24
27. Audio Signal N25
28. Audio Signal N26
29. Audio Signal N27
30. Audio Signal N28
31. Audio Signal N29
32. Base for rap
33. Dancing Bits (Instrumental bit)
34. Dancing electrons - Electronic music
35. Don't stop talking (Electronic theme)
36. Electric idea
37. extra_song2
38. extra_song3
39. Guitarra Loca
40. Ice Cream and Summer
41. In what are you thinking
42. International Space Station theme (Instrumental electronic)
43. Lost conection
44. Melodic trance -Techno music
45. Mysterious Little Magic
46. Non-human ( Epic techno - original composition)
47. Old Robot - Ambient electronic song
48. Rattlesnake (instrumental song)
49. Relaxing techno breath
50. Robotic intentions
51. Robot's creativity - original techno song
52. Robots have feelings too (electronic progressive melody)
53. Smooth Techno – Original
54. some rock
55. Stamine - Electronic melody
56. Steady Steps
57. Sweet Jazz
58. Techno Bass (hip hop instrumental)
59. Techno chords (Electronic techno music)
60. Technology (instrumental hip hop jazz)
61. Tthe automat - original electronic song
62. The blues of ancient greek music
63. The internet is Techno (Original mix)
64. The king of Kaiju's Jazz
65. The Sun, The ocean and the Girl
66. The Water of Mars theme (Instrumental melody)
67. The X Planet - Electronic song
68. Trials of melody (techno music)
69. Wandering in the space (ORIGINAL SONG)
70. Wonderful Nature
71. Extra_Song_StageA
72. Extra_Song_StageB
73. Extra_Song_StageC
74. Extra_Song_StageD
75. Electrical signals

The music files will be downloaded as MP3 files.
In order to see the tracks, do the following:
A) Go manually where the game files are installed and search for DLC_Soundtrack

B) Using Steam Options:
  • Go to your Steam library
  • Select Games
  • Go to Intergalactic Traveler: The Omega Sector and press right click button of the mouse
  • In the context menu select properties
  • Go to the tab Local Files
  • Select Browse Local Files

Thanks for your support! 7ad7b8b382

Title: Soundtrack of Intergalactic Traveler: The Omega Sector
Genre: Free to Play, Indie
Artificer Creator
Artificer Creator
Release Date: 8 Jan, 2018


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