Soul Axiom Ativador Download [Ativador]

Soul Axiom Ativador Download [Ativador]

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About This Game


From the studio that brought you Master Reboot comes a first-person story-driven adventure puzzle game, set in the beautiful, haunting cyber-world of Elysia. Collect unique hand powers, discover multiple endings and choose your own destiny as you unravel the mystery of your digital afterlife.


Explore Soul Axiom’s rich environments and immersive story to unravel the mystery of your life, and your digital afterlife. You will be taken on an intriguing voyage of discovery, through beautiful, haunting locations, facing challenges that will lead you into danger on your mission to unlock your identity, your story, your mystery. But beware: some mysteries are better left unsolved.


Take your first steps to paradise by uploading your soul to Elysia, named by critics as “the single most important development in the history of the human race” (Era Magazine, 2027). As the latest state of the art Digital Soul Provider, Elysia is a sprawling server where your memories and dreams become reality. Our patented SoulSync system allows you to choose the memories you want to enjoy for eternity; whether you are a living user or you simply wish to leave a lasting testament of your life that the whole family can relive at their leisure.

In Elysia, death has no dominion. In Elysia, life has no boundaries. Cast off your mortal shackles and discover the secret to immortality in your digital afterlife.
Discover Elysia. Then, now and forever.


When you begin the game you are free falling through a storm. Lightning sporadically illuminates the sky, showing brief, vivid flashes of memories. Your memories. You struggle to take a breath as you plummet, out of control, into the eye of the storm, towards your certain death.
Squinting, eyelashes battling the rain, you catch a glimpse of a large object that you are hurtling towards. You brace yourself for impact, for death, confused and terrified and –

You are on the deck of a ship, rain pummelling the wooden boards around you. You look up to see four shadowy figures on the bridge, gazing into the distance, with an old man at the helm.


Psychological Adventure with Exploration & Puzzle elements: Interact with a variety of cryptic logic and action puzzles, find clues and explore memories to unlock the secrets of your identity.

• 20 to 30 Hours of Gameplay: The game is packed full of content with 6 chapters, 40 unique locations, over 100 puzzles and 63 Steam Achievements, expect over 20 hours of captivating gameplay.

• Collectible Hand Powers: Harness the abilities of Elysia. Discover new powers that will assist exploration and puzzle solving by phasing, building, destroying or corrupting the digital world around you.

• Multiple Story Endings: A tense, but thought-provoking narrative with multiple outcomes, and leaves you yearning to explore all avenues of the lore.

• Unique visual style: There is a beautifully simplistic emphasis on striking shapes, strong colors, and beautiful effects and lighting to elicit a variety of emotions within The Elysia.

• Dynamic adaptive environments: Use your abilities to manipulate your surrounding environments. Collect your powers and re-visit memories to unlock previously hidden areas.

• Haunting Soundtrack with 50 original compositions: Provides the perfect musical backdrop which subtly enhances the game through well-crafted association with the memories you explore. b4d347fde0

Title: Soul Axiom
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Wales Interactive
Wales Interactive
Release Date: 29 Feb, 2016


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This game is a bit odd. The graphics are stunning & gorgeous. The voice acting not so great and same with some of the sound effects.

The way the story is delivered is pretty unique & interesting though and the concept and narrative in generalis great.

I'm not usually a fan of puzzle games either but this did them pretty well. Some of them kind of made me think harder than expected and even frustrated me but I enjoyed navigating them. There some minor intense situations but not often enough that you're forced to play at a different pace.

I enjoyed my experience overall and clocked just under 16 hours. It could definitely use some improvements but it was good enough for a once through.

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