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Sonic Forces Activation Code And Serial Key For Pc

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About This Game

In SONIC FORCES, the evil Dr. Eggman has conquered much of the world with help from a powerful and mysterious new villain named Infinite. Now, you must assist Sonic and build an army to reclaim the world as they fight against chaos and destruction.
Defeat enemies with blazing speed as Modern Sonic, catapult past perilous platforms as Classic Sonic, and create your very own Custom Hero Character equipped with a variety of powerful gadgets. Experience fast-paced action with these three unique gameplay styles, explore iconic stages, plus, fight across unique added content with Shadow as a playable character!

Digital Bonus Edition includes:

  • SONIC FORCES videogame

    The fate of Sonic the Hedgehog’s world is in your hands – Join the Uprising.

Title: Sonic Forces
Genre: Action, Adventure
Sonic Team, Hardlight
Sonic the Hedgehog
Release Date: 7 Nov, 2017

English,French,Italian,German,Japanese,Korean,Polish,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese

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It was fun, but honestly it felt so short especially with the story mode. It made me feel like when I read a good book and wanna read the next one, but can't exactly get my hands on it. (tbh i really wanna see a another sonic game in the future where your character, like returns). GAME:
TAP "X" REPEATEDLY IN 4... 3.... 2..... 1.......

*short instrumental*


The F*** have you been smoking today?!?

-TRUE STORY. Played just long enough to not be able to refund. Controls are stiff and gross, they somehow made classic Sonic's gameplay worse than Generations with a speed cap and the same stiff controls. Don't really see the use of the custom character either.. I felt empty inside as I played this game. I have played more platformers than I care to admit - Some of them had poor mechanics, poor music, or just weren't very good games overall and as such, they made me feel miserable at times, or just made me wish they had put more time or effort into whatever was bothering me at the time of playing. And then there are other fantastic platformers that remind me of why I love the genre, such as Celeste, a game I am currently playing (slowly as it is really good).

Sonic Forces, however, didn't make me feel anything. I wasn't disappointed because I didn't have high expectations, I didn't feel joy or excitement because the game doesn't offer anything worth of such emotions, but I also didn't feel angry because at this point, it is hard to feel anything about yet another underwhelming or mediocre 3D Sonic game.

I don't know if there is any point in covering every aspect of the game as I am sure others have done this in the past, and by now most people know how underwhelming the game is. It is a game that... requires a very specific taste to care for and if you do like the game, more power to you. I am glad you found enjoyment with it.

There are many things to be said: What is classic Sonic doing in this game? Don't get me wrong. For all I care, the game would only have classic Sonic and maybe a classic, chubby, cute and huggable version of the avatar. No, I don't care for Mr. Long Legs, but that never stopped me from enjoying a solid 3D Sonic game (such as Colors). Yet, I can't figure out what classic Sonic is doing in this game. It is so random. His stages were the most fun for me, but still.

That actually brings an important and probably the most relevant thing I have to say in this review: Team Sonic does not know how to make a game about ONE thing. They just can't. I wish they would take a lesson from Team Ico and remove literally everything in the game that doesn't support it's very core feature. This game has so much stuff that has no business being on it. I didn't want to bring it up, but you know why Sonic Mania is that good? Sure, the level design being incredible and the music being godlike help, but the important thing is that at its core, the developers focused on one thing: The speed\/platforming mechanics. They nailed it, and expanded the mechanics just slightly with Knuckles, Tails, and eventually Mighty and Ray, but do notice how the core mechanics of all playable critters are the same, with variations.

The Sonic Mania devs didn't try to give each critter a completely different set of abilities. They didn't try to create completely different levels for each of them. Etc. In short, they didn't spread the development time and resources by trying to cater to everything and everyone. They chose one thing, focused on it, nailed it.

Just like Team Ico with Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and The Last Guardian.

See, as an aspiring game developer myself, this is something that took me a long time to learn. It is easy to fall onto the trap of wanting to add thousand of features and things to your game, but... I am an aspiring solo indie dev, not a big team that has been working on games for decades. Come on now, Team Sonic. Learn from your mistakes already.

As the result, the extreme lack of focus of the game causes the level design to be... Well, bad. The Avatar isn't fun to play as, and classic Sonic's physics are still garbage (2D sections in 3D Sonic games have to go, SEGA - They weren't fun in Colors, they still aren't now).

Random thought, but the Avatar would have been a lot more fun to play as if they had an ability that was centered around mobility, which is basically what Sonic is about, instead of... A flamethrower? The grappling hook thingy was fun but underused. Also, what a bunch of miserable boss fights. I am a believer that bosses should be challenging and either a test of skill, or serve an actual purpose in the game (Maiden Astraea and Garl Vinland in Demon's Souls weren't particularly challenging, but were a perfectly designed boss with a purpose, nonetheless). The bosses in this game? Just... Stop with the quick time events, please, for a starter. The fights against Infinite could have been so much more.

The game also lacks flow. Gameplay within levels is constantly interrupted by some pseudo-QTE. When you finish a level, you have to endure watching a list of pointless stuff you unlocked by doing literally nothing and then a cutscene. Thankfully you can skip them, but here is the thing: I don't want to have to. Make the story actually interesting next time, please. There are some entertaining stuff in the Sonic Archie comics. Just port it over to the games.

Oh yeah, thanks for letting us disable voice acting as well. Thank you so much.

I really wish this game was developed by Christian Whitehead's team. The Avatar and the new edgelord are actually quite interesting, and the idea of Eggman actually winning for once, and doing bad things to Sonic? Sign me up. But the execution was awful. What a waste.

In the game's defense, some of the music is really good (but that is to be expected from a Sonic game - at least Sonic games not named The Dark Brotherhood), some stages are gorgeous - if a little too busy in the background (I feel like clarity is required for a platformer that wants you to react super fast to things), and the UI is gorgeous.

Oh, this is a personal thing, but I still can't stand voice acting in Sonic games and similar. If you want to give them "voices", the Banjo Kazooie and Celeste approach is a lot better. Give them cute gibberish talk and suddenly the critters are 100% less creepy. ALSO, no more weird bizarre anime-sounding tracks, please. It is such a poor fit for Sonic games.

Sorry, I know this "review" is mostly a bunch of scattered thoughts on the game. I am trying not to be too harsh as I know a lot of people put time and effort into making this game, and I can only imagine how bad it must feel to read a lot of bad things about your work. For those who might have read this and enjoyed the game, once again, that is great for you. I wasn't able to. It took me effort to not stop playing as I really wanted to give this game a chance.

Maybe I am just not the target audience for a platformer with bad story, bad voice acting, bizarre music and barely interactive.

Cheers.. Sonic Forces Review

Main Story:
I liked it. The story had a dark-ish feel and really made us feel like we are part of a resistance.
Sonic getting defeated and Egg-man taking over the world, was a really good decision from SEGA\/Sonic Team. A new member even joins up to help the resistance find out about Sonic and try to take back the world from Egg-man, but there are a few negatives...

- Cutscenes:
Where are they? There is like 4 or 5 proper cutscenes. Everything is done via on screen dialog, mainly between 2 or 3 characters. They even have sound effects XD
This is a really decision from SEGA\/Sonic Team. These guys use to make some Disney like cutscenes that were amazing to watch! But now we have...*O N S C R E E N D I A L O G B O X E S* thingy...

- Sonic the Hedgehog
Movement feels aweful! Once Sonic is moving it's very difficult to make Sonic not move. Turning with him while boosting feels sticky, it's like doing a 180 with a truck...
So many features have also been removed. Drifting? GONE, Light Speed Dash? GONE.
I dont know why this got removed, but it was a really bad idea.
His personality is still the same (this is a good thing) he is still the cocky blue hedgehog that we all love and he is a helpful friend to his comrades.

- Classic Sonic (wot...)
There really was no need for him being in the game. Without him I'm pretty sure SEGA\/Sonic Team would of been able to put a little bit more budget into their game.

- Chaos
He is there, he gets shown in the cutscene, and in the trailers. BUT! you don't get to fight him AT ALL. This is either a budget problem or they rushed their game out to quickly...

Episode Shadow:
I really like Shadow, he is badass and E D G Y, but they should of never used Shadow the way they did in Sonic Forces.
Shadow nowadays is fan service to the Sonic fans, he shows up, we all go "Wow Shadow!" and then that's it...
This free mission\/s DLC gives you 3 missions that take place BEFORE the main story (Which i think was a pretty cool idea)
So this allows the player to understand why "Shadow" is on Egg-mans side <\/span><\/span>

Create a Character:
At start i didn't like this, but then i tried it out and really enjoyed it! (I got to make Deku the Hedgehog)
The players very own custom character to fight along side Sonic and his resistance, the CaC even gets their very own Wispons to help benefit them in missions!

- Movement
Not much difference when comparing to Sonic.
The CaC has EVERYTHING Sonic has, just they have Wispons and a different look...

- Wispons
I had fun trying out all the weapons and their upgraded versions.
The lighting wisp is my favourite. You can ring dash (kind of) with them and wip enemies haha.
The void wisp is also pretty cool. Sucking up enemies, along with everything in your path, is really fun.
All in all i had no problem with the Wispons.

WOW! They are short! If this game only had the stages then it would take someone 10-12 minutes to finish this game.
I spent the longest time (6 minutes) on the final boss and 1 - 2 minutes on other stages (you can finish all the stages in 40 seconds if you wanted to) They all follow one path (some have different paths but all end up going the same way at the end) Sure they have maybe a few platform sections here and there but that's it...
The music on some stages were actually pretty cool. The final CaC level the one were your CaC stops the sun <\/span><\/span> music reminded me of Re:Zero intro :D
But ye...the stages were meh and didn't really leave an impact on me. And that's kind of sad because nearly all the stages in Sonic games are really cool! Hell even Shadow the Hedgehog had better stages XD

I wish i could give my steam review a 50\/50% instead of a 100% BAD or a 100% GOOD
Because this game is essentially a "50\/50%" type of game. The story is good, the new voice actors do a good job with the characters, Infinite is a good villain (or should i say...bad haha)
Its just the small, and big, problems that make this game feel...meh.
If SEGA\/Sonic Team take advice from their fans and look at older games then I'm sure the next (hopefully a proper 3D) Sonic game will be a really good one.

Should there be a Sonic Forces sequel? Ye i think so. But SEGA\/Sonic Team really need to get it together.... gave me a new appreciation for sonic 4's physics.

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