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In the March 1980 issue of the Western Newspaper of Spiritual Reports Ted J. Solomon wrote a write-up titled Soka Gakkai and the So-called Compatibility between Nichiren Buddhism and Modern Science. He took a vital medical method of deciphering fights for a good relationship between, because the subject reveals, some ideas upon that your school of Nichiren Buddhism is based and the branch of contemporary research known as Theoretical Physics. Matters range from the Quantum Field Theory, Einstein's Idea of Relativity, and Causality, a.k.a. the Statistical Legislation of Causation. This article is devoted to statements presented by Daisaku Ikeda, president of the world's largest peace organization and Undercover Railroad for the resurrection of Nichiren Buddhism, the Soka Gakkai International (SGI).

Solomon first creates the mentioned purpose of the SGI's items, and then he lays out the SGI's states of standing for each discussion, and brings his own important remarks of each state based on what is apparently their own background knowledge of physics including examples and estimates from distinguished physicists. Solomon seems to take a fairly neutral approach, supporting elements of Ikeda's states and discrediting others.Buddhism Portal

The SGI is positive that the connection between Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism and modern science has the possible to be always a beneficial one. They deduce with this proposition that Nichiren Buddhism could be the honest framework needed seriously to guide science in a confident direction where humankind can peacefully thrive. They strongly think that without a "correct faith", research will never actualize its potential with issues to the individual brain and moral values. The SGI becomes'faith'as a "sort of research which makes unique examine of human living ".

Ikeda highlights that from its commencement Nichiren Buddhism has been clinical, that equally religion and science foundation their beliefs on the prediction that every thing happens in accordance with the regulations of causality and that both faith and research aspire to multiply the well-being of humankind. Ikeda then presents examples of how true to life purposes of various medical concepts of science and chemistry have improved our lives and makes an example to Nichiren Buddism's explanation of how we could also use the Statistical Law of Causality to the everyday possibilities of measures to produce ideal benefits which can also increase our lives.

Ikeda more particularly delves into these connected reports of compatibility between Nichiren believed and modern Theoretical Physics: Nichiren Buddhism's "General Legislation of Cause and Impact" and science Mathematical Legislation of Causation and Nichiren Buddhism's "Shiki-Shin-Funi" (oneness of matter and mind) and "Ku" (latent potentiality and interconnectedness of all) and physics Quantum Area Principle and Idea of Relativity. After each and every contrast the writer of the article inserts their own critique of the SGI's arguments for similarity and compatibility, some encouraging and some oppositional.

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