Simple Guide to Dogs: Rat Poison Symptoms

Rats are among the most annoying visitors on our home which we frequently want to get rid off by placing baits or poisons in the region where they usually harbors. Incidentally these rat toxins can also pose great danger to our cherished cuddly finest friends. Our pets can sometimes get poisoned with these rodenticides by directly eating the lure or by eating the corpse of a poisoned rat or rodents.

Rodenticides contain warfarin and other poisonous chemicals that if ingested could result in internal bleeding and hemorrhage. Although they're primarily made to kill rodents, the exact same chemical is deadly to other creatures especially to pets. However, poisoned bait doesn't kills rat abruptly, it generally take couple of hours or days for the poison to input their system, sadly in this time poisoned rats can go to different area in the house till they die, this is when our dogs or other home pets could possibly eat their corpse.

The sad part is that dogs that were poisoned by rat killers do not show immediate symptoms, similar to rats, it will take days or weeks before displaying obvious signs such as external bleeding and weight reduction, which makes the medicine too late to save our pets.

There are ways however to determine if your dog or other pet is in danger of poisoning, you may not be able to cure them directly but knowing these signs can help you in deciding whether your pet needs immediate professional attention before it's too late. read more

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