I'm a really new player that's just plain excited for the upcoming launch and I was just wondering which server would be a good place to start my B & S experience? Based from my few hours of browsing the forums, I can only tell that Mushin is a tad bit overpopulated at the moment and with launch coming up, I'd rather pick the 3rd or 4th most populated server in the game but again, I'm having Cheap BNS Gold a hard time making a decision here. Can anyone help? 

Go with the 3rd highest population servers. 1st is of course Mushin. 2nd is tied between Poharan and Jiwan, 4th is the most recommended and 3rd is that sweet spot. Things might get hectic and it's important to avoid the queue. If you really want to pick between Jiwan and Poharan, I'd recommend Poh. Jiwan is apparently the unofficial BR server and I know that's a major turnoff for a lot of people. 

Actually, in re-reading this, Poh and Jiwan are the 2nd most populated servers? I'll take the previous recommendation in mind but does anyone know the list of servers Buy BNS Gold and their corresponding number of population? (Through their own estimation, of course) 

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