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Original Title: Sekirei

Genge: Animation,Action,Comedy,Fantasy



































Shy and awkward, but moral and caring late teenager Minato, after failing to get into college again, runs into Musubi, a girl his age who surprises him with her superhuman abilities. He's told by her that he's an ashikabi, a destined young man, meant to strengthen girls like her, a sekirei, through sexual contact.
The human myths and legends have included many women of extreme beauty and some with quite voracious sexual appetite. This Japan anime focuses on large-breasted free-spirited females who are playing a game to which we discover the rules along with the clueless main male character, Minato, who is plunged in a world where beautiful women fight for his affections and for their lives. The sarcastic humour is quite on point and the gratuitous nudity in every other scene flows as naturally as large breasts bouncing up and down. The constant fan service, sexiness and arousal however is not the only reason worth watching this whimsical fairy-tale. As characters are presented with various complex backstories and the shroud of mystery is slowly revealed, we find endearing personalities, fun situations, cool fights and a story that keeps you as captivated as the big bare or barely-bare breasts all around. Minato gets a nose bled every time he sees breasts, but we get far from nosebleed seats, as we are right there in the action following the moves blow for blow. Tight shirts, short skirts, panties and flirts are all part of the game and the world of Sekirei. If a Sekirei is grabbing a breast or two (hers or another's) or kissing an Ashikabi or a Japanese version of Ashanti, all the better. There is no missed opportunity for sexual reference, action, comedy and lots of fun.

I was annoyed with the sometimes childish drawings superimposed or replacing scenes to often show fantastic elements, but they later seem to blend in the story and add humour or thought/emotion like a manga/comic book, once you get used to it. Other than that, simply sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

My conclusion is then that Sekireis are a new figment of modern imagination to represent a breed of idealized brave and breasted woman who love her man and is ready to fight for him and defend him. The series deserves distinction for creating this fictional world as much as Disney and the Danish author for the Little Mermaid. It is about time we update the succulent stories of the five types of Greek nymphs, the apsaras of Hindu and Buddhist mythology and the celestial nymphs of Sigiriya with the 108 Sekireis! Let's enjoy the maiden voyage of these damsels while we are in distress.

All in all, like Minato is having, the series is a harmless harem of fun. Now, after watching both seasons of Sekirei, the one thing I can say is that this is, in a way, your standard Harem Anime. Lots of Ecchi scenes, lots of big breasted women and lots of Nudity. But this in no way means that the plot is weak.

Minato Sahashi is our physically weak and confident-lacking protagonist. By no means is he one of those characters with some hidden power. He's just an average human being with nothing that makes him special, per se. He's intelligent but lacks confidence in himself and does not deal well under pressure, which is why he has failed the University Entrance Exams two years running now. One day after making his way home from the University, he suddenly encounters Musubi, Sekirei #88. Dropping in on him from the Sky. He protects her from her pursuers, twin Sekirei, who attack all Sekirei that have yet to Emerge. The pact between a Sekirei and their Ashikabi is made through a kiss.

Sekirei are mystical beings who were found by two people on an island that had mysteriously emerged from the Sea. They were found by Minaka Hiroto and a lady named Takami. There are 108 Sekirei, the single digit Sekirei being significantly stronger than the double-digit and triple-digit Sekirei. Minaka Hiroto has set up a game which most Ashikabi are dragged into unwillingly. According to him, the self-proclaimed Game Master, Sekirei exist only to fight and kill each other. So he decides to hold what is known as The Sekirei plan. In this deadly game of life or death, there are several stages and each Sekirei must compete to survive and find their chosen Ashikabi.


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