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Original Title: Safety Patrol

Genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Drama,Family,Fantasy,Musical







































Scout Bozell dreams of being on his school safety patrol, but he has never been allowed on because he is very clumsy. He's sent to another school just because his old school will not let him on there Safety patrol. So he gets on the safety patrol at his new school...
Scout Bozell has always dreamt of being on his school's Safety Patrol. The only reason he cannot join is because he is very clumsy. He's sent to another school because his old school would not let him become part of their Safety Patrol. But his new school does let him on the Safety Patrol.
I completely disagree with "tammy tillinghast". She said that this movie was a kiddie movie that it was vaguely entertaining. Maybe I'm just partial to kid's movies because I watch the Disney channel all the time, but I thought it was a good movie. It had some action and a chase with the "bad guys". I'll admit it's no thriller, but it's definetely a fun one to watch and chances are, your kids will like it, too.
I typed this comment partly due to that "bad-review" posted by that other person, as I did not believe this movie deserved such a bad review...

I have seen this movie when it premiered on the Wonderful World of Disney and thought it was one of their better movies so far being a very good, FUNNY movie. The movie does feature quite a few very good and funny parts, and the two "bad guys" in the movie actually help to make this such a good comedy! If you want a good comedy, then give it a try - you'll probably like it!

(Not quite as good as "My Date with the President's Daughter" and "Beverly Hills: Family Robinson" which were both aired AFTER it, however. These two remain 2 of my favorites, and am hoping that Disney will release them on video in the near future.)


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