Roxanna Green spoke about her nine-year-old Christina Green


'Beautiful beautiful angel': Roxanna Green spoke about her nine-year-old Christina
The mother of the youngest victim in the Arizona massacre has told of her heartbreak at losing her 'beautiful princess'.
Roxanna Green said the death of nine-year-old Christina Green left her ‘devastated’.
Fighting back tears she said: 'I just can't put it into words, there's nothing I can possibly...I can't express the devastation and hurt of how we were so robbed of our beautiful beautiful princess.
'She was a beautiful girl and so intelligent and her light shines on all of us today and forever, and I just have it in my heart that my angel is with my grandmother and my mum in heaven.'
Christina had just been elected student counsel in third grade had gone to the fateful meeting because she wanted to learn more about government.
Mrs Green told FOX News: 'She was very interested in government, in her community, in how she could help. It was going to be a learning experience.
Mrs Green learned of the tragedy when a friend's husband called and told her to go to the hospital where her daughter was being treated.
It was there she was told the awful news.
'She had a bullet hole to the chest. They tried to save her but she just couldn't make it. It was really really bad. I saw her right after that,’ she said.
Mrs Green revealed that her daughter had just celebrated her first family communion when she was killed.
'I can hold onto the wonderful nine, beautiful years that I had with my daughter. She was very bright and she was an amazing girl,' she said.
'I'm so proud of her. I'm still proud of her today. I know that she's going to do great things in heaven. She's my angel. '
Mrs Green added that her daughter was proud of the fact that she was born on 9/11 and was patriotic, often leaving the house wearing red, white and blue.
'It was very special to her. She would tell people she was born on a holiday. She would always try to the see the positive in it. She said it was a holiday because it gave hope and everyone came together.'
Mrs Green said she did not want to say on air what she wanted to happen to the man suspected of carrying out the mass murder.
'I want for my little girl, for everybody that's involved...I want there to be change, I want there to be awareness of the sick people out there and it has to stop right now...I just hope we can learn from this and make changes so it never happens again,' she said.

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