Rocket Boots Mania Activation Code [crack]

Rocket Boots Mania Activation Code [crack]

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About This Game

Both beginners and hardcore players can master multiple techniques to gain speed. A "b-hop" will charge you up the quickest and yep, this is KEYBOARD and MOUSE type of game!

Building up the momentum is rather easy, keeping it is the real challenge. Especially when trying to avoid the deadly traps, complex obstacles and numerous enemies populating the dynamic physics-based environment.

There is no set order of checkpoints you need to run through, you come up with your own unique game plan, strategy and tactics how to approach the level, but do you have the skill to pull it off?

Together with our awesome DISCORD COMMUNITY we love to explore how we can squeeze as much juice from the technology as possible. We are constantly coming up with new fun game modes which are presented in the form of regular challenges for the whole community to enjoy.


  • Carefully designed gameplay as the beating heart of the game
  • High replayability value – run, score, compete, find a better path, repeat
  • A fine example of an “easy to learn, hard to master” game
  • Induces a strong “just one more round” syndrome
  • A never-ending “tug of war” between friends and strangers within an awesome online community
  • Complete freedom of movement and gameplay style choice
  • Official leaderboards


  • 99.9% stable, bug-free experience
  • 30+ final quality fully enjoyable levels in our unique physics-based world and 1 BOSS fight
  • Regular events and challenges coming usually twice a month


  • Level Editor + Steam Workshop
  • Online race mode - multiple players competing in an arena at the same time + rewards
  • Player profile with stats, country, XP points, badges and rewards
  • Player friend lists
  • Achievements
  • Speedrun mode


Rocket Boots Mania


Title: Rocket Boots Mania
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Racing, Early Access
Contra Concept
Contra Concept
RocketBoots Mania
Release Date: 29 Nov, 2018


Ricky dragged me in and didn't want to let go. We have first met almost by an accident, but I knew from the begining that I will have to watch Ricky carefully.
It is highly addictive and the time just flyes by while playing. Once you'll get in, you will not want to stop, and that is exactly what I like and imho, this is essential for any platformer game or ideally any game.
During few last years I have developed this (bad) habit, and I preffer playing basically anything with a controler. After few attempts I found out that Ricky will be different, so I have to switch back to the classics (mouse and keyboard). This might be a con at first, but controls are intuitive and the game experience is just way better, no doubt there!

Ricky is already a great platformer and does what each platformer should do flawlessly. Movement, physics, level design, everything is smooth already and the creators have covered the essentials of the game very well! It is also almost unusual how they approach the audience, how much time they spend with the community and I feel they listen carefully what people suggest! And this is the biggest weapon of Ricky.

Great Job! Can't wait to see more!
. I don't usually buy Early Access games.

But after playing few maps on a recent gaming event and seeing already solid gameplay, focus on making your own path and also all the love developers are putting into the game and the community on Discord.

Just bought the game right at the event, for full price, and I don't regret it.<\/b>

If you're the type of gamer, who aren't okay with just beating the map, but want\/need to beat the level as best as he can - getting the Ultimate medal and possibly into top 100 players - there's already enough content in the game and the promise of having even more levels with each update and then finally the finished game is something I didn't wanted to miss this time.

You can also get a taste of the game with free challenge levels - check their Discord for more info.

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