Robot Soccer Challenge Ativador Download [cheat]

Robot Soccer Challenge Ativador Download [cheat]

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About This Game

Robot Soccer Challenge is a football game in which robots on remote control stand against each other. Show your abilities and skills in robot control and bring your team to victory. Dynamical and fast game, in which there is no lack of exciting and amusing moments. Game is inspired by robotic football and robot wars show.

Learn the basics of the game and robot control. Go through the basic training to prepare yourself for the real matches.

Choose your favourite country and win the whole championship.
Only one of the 16 progressing countries will become the winner. Be there!

Friendly match
Ideal for fast play. Choose your opponent, arena and conditions. Pleasant and fast match can begin!

Play with your friends on a single PC or in front of the TV and enjoy a lot of fun together! There is a cooperative championship, friendly match against each other or play against the computer together. Entertainment can take up to 6 players!

3D or Top down view
You can play in two modes: In full 3D view or top down view.

There are several arenas at the disposal. Play during the hot sunny day or at evening light.

Stand against each other can the individuals at the duels, in teams 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3.

Title: Robot Soccer Challenge
Genre: Casual, Indie, Racing, Sports
Render System
Render System
Release Date: 18 Feb, 2019


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This game is unpolished, misleading, but somewhat fun gameplay. Still rating it down. Good game for $4, has intresting and varied arenas.. A very fun sports game with robots! It is however at the moment pretty barebones and limited, but I think there's a lot of potential in this game!. The game when you steer is sorta stiff id say not the best you could sort of use a controller but a controller doesnt even help it that much only 2 achivements and they are the basic ones for purchassing it and for finishing the toturial. This is a very fun game a really recomend it! the 1 problem i have though is that once you get good its really easy. Besides that it is a really fun game.. This game is unpolished, misleading, but somewhat fun gameplay. Still rating it down. I bought and run it. And then my keyboard went dead. Not a single key had any effect on the game. I couldn't even left the game or press CTR+ALT-DELETE to kill it. No matter what I tried to do nothing happened, completely dead keyboard. I had to hard reset the comp, and tried again, but as soon I went into this game the same repeats. I asked Steam for refund.

Update 20181005:
* Missing names in top down view fixed
* Changes in main menu
* Input and resolution dialog on start
* New lighmaps
* Small changes on ball physics
* Ball rotation bug fixed
* Bug in arena 5 fixed
* Main menu - big flicker bug fixed

. Update #2:
Dear players, new update is here:
* New desert arena!
* Engine update
* Better optimalisation and performance
* Better graphics quality on lower quality presets, but performance is higher
* Speed/rotation ratio on vehicles has been changed for better and smooth gameplay
* Fast speed has been changed to normal (Recommended for dynamic gameplay)

. Update #4 is here!:
Dear players, new update is here!

* Engine Update
* 2 new maps in classic soccer theme, now is available 10 maps!
* New elite difficulty
* Several sounds replaced
* In championship are available two types of gameplay - arenas with obstacles or classic soccer arenas.
* New goal effect added - explosion inspired by Rocket League (wish by community). This effect may be enabled/disabled in main menu.
* Updated dynamic camera - you can disable/enable with [CTRL + C]
* Post fx slight changed

If is your skill good enough, we recommended to play on elite difficulty for good and fast gameplay. Update #7 is here!:
Dear players! New update with new arena is here!

* New arena added!
* New achievements added!
* Engine update
* Physics update - you can interact and throw physics objects
* All arenas are with new colliders
* Graphics changes in arenas 2,5,6 and in tutorial arena

* Changed tutorial arena is now in arenas list available in all game modes
* Ai updated
* Ai can throw physics objects now
* Ai bug with crazy move reduced
* Several bugs fixed. Update 20180727:
Dear players,
new update is here:

* changes in arena 5
* changes colliders in arenas
* changes in training
* gate bug fixed
* some changes in menu description
* new lightmaps in arenas
* bug in championship fixed
. Update #8 is here!:
Dear players, new update is here.

* Higher quality of GI in arenas
* New AI
* Rebalanced dificulty
* 3 Dificulty levels
* Engine update
* Several changes in training.. Big Update #5 is here!:

Dear players, the new big update 5 is here!

The update 5 is bringing several significant changes and new big arenas. As many players had a problem with control there has been a more significant change in the camera and thus necessarily the increased graphics quality and details.
Thanks to this change, the learning curve for new players has greatly improved, and I believe the game experience too.

* The increased graphics quality
* Every player has his/her camera behind the robot
* In multiplayer, the screen is divided into multiple windows for each player.

* The option to switch whether the camera is tracking your robot or ball
* All arenas have been redesigned and are much more extensive
* Football arenas have also been expanded
* Arenas are surrounded by the security net, not only the invisible collider
* Robots’ motions copy the terrain
* All goals have been reduced to the level of arenas with a football motif
* Gamepad control changed to modern standards (Xbox controller)

Left thumbstick: Steering
Right trigger: Gas
Left trigger: Reverse
A - Low Shot
B - High shot
X - Camera follow Robot/Ball
Y - Open options menu

* In case you want to continue playing the game in the old way, you can turn on the USE OLD CAMERA SYSTEM option in the menu.

Have a lot of fun!

. Replay feature added!:

* Replay feature added
* You can skip with [Fire] button
* Reworked game core for supporting replay feature
* Engine update to new version
* New GI and light maps. Update #3 coming soon!:
Dear players, new update coming soon!

* New type of arena without obstacles and with soccer theme. Update #2 coming soon!:
Dear players, new update coming soon with new desert arena!

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