Riptide GP: Renegade Free Download [Password]

Riptide GP: Renegade Free Download [Password]

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About This Game

Experience the future of illicit hydrojet racing, where armored riders kick out death-defying stunts over massive waterfalls, dodge cops through public waterways, and boost at breakneck speeds across surging waves.

You are a hydrojet rider, framed and cast out from the Riptide GP league, forced to race illegally through city waterways, flooded ruins, and churning factory machinery in an effort to reclaim your reputation and your title. Play through the single player career to unlock new vehicles, playable characters, and customization features as you take down bosses and build your crew.

Then, take your skills online for the ultimate test as you battle opponents around the world in 8-player online matches. Challenge your friends for leaderboard supremacy in the ghost-racing challenge mode. You can even play locally in split screen races with up to 4 players!

Riptide GP: Renegade is the first game in the acclaimed Riptide GP series to be redesigned from the ground up specifically for modern desktop PC and console hardware. Featuring thrill-ride race tracks packed with shortcuts, secrets, and interactive obstacles, Riptide GP: Renegade is the action-arcade water racer for a new generation.


• Thrill-Ride Environments - Blast across floating factory platforms, brave hurricane-strength waves, and infiltrate a military base in the midst of battle. Every race track is packed with interactive set pieces, dynamic obstacles and secret shortcuts.

• Deep Career Mode - Battle your way through a variety of races and boss fights to reach the top of the underground hydro jet racing circuit. Earn cash and experience to upgrade and customize your hydro jet, unlock new stunts, and increase your rider's performance.

• Online Multiplayer - Compete online in thrilling 8 player matchups against the best players from around the world.

• Split Screen Multiplayer - Challenge your friends in local split-screen multiplayer championships. Play with up to 4 players on a single machine! (Additional gamepads controllers required))

• Challenge Mode - Take command of the leaderboards and test your skills against ghost recordings of your friends' best performances.

• Transforming Vehicles - Collect and upgrade a garage full of blisteringly fast hydro jets that transform while you ride them. Win money to upgrade and customize each one.

• State of the Art Water Racing - Riptide GP: Renegade brings dynamic water racing to a new level of excitement with breathtaking water physics, splash-tastic spray effects, and more! Every race is different because the surface you race on is always changing.

• Full gamepad integration

• Steam Complete - Compete with your friends on leaderboards, unlock challenging achievements, and keep your game going from device to device with cloud data syncing. 1075eedd30

Title: Riptide GP: Renegade
Genre: Racing
Vector Unit
Vector Unit
Release Date: 26 Jul, 2016


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Do you like Hydro thunder, but wished you could do tricks in it? Do you enjoy racing fast in futuristic vehicles? If so, then this is the perfect game for you! With lots of tricks, tracks, upgrades, different characters, and even a story mode. I love this game, it's like a mix of Hydro thunder and SSX and it's the best money I've spent in a while.. fake crossplay, no match found, NO MATTER WHAT I DO

I have the game on Android that can get into matches easily but not this PC version $UCKS. Need better graphics, rest is fun.. mario kart on steroids. i like everything about this game. i could go on about a bit of balancing issiues because there are some races where you are pretty much forced to come in second or third unless you do a flawless run and get really lucky. but this game is legit fun and would love to do multiplayer.. Definitely a very good game overall. Gave us some of thje challenge that I personally believe was missing from gp2. That said, it would be nice if the devs could work in a graphics mode that even remotely challenges high end machines, i.e revised shadows and super high res textures and landscaping.. It's pretty good, but I don't feel like I was earning my wins toward the end. It just seemed like sometimes the ripples and police would randomly work out to hand me a win, and sometimes they worked out to royaly screw me.

I don't really care much for random wins and losses. I'd much rather out race or be out raced.

. Every weekend I would go to the mall with my dad and visit the arcade. Rush 2049, Hydro Thunder, and Arctic Thunder were my favorites. Big jumps, high speed, booming bass and a shaking seat with every crash to the ground. This game delivers on reviving that special butter smooth over the top fun of the late 90's.. Riptide Renegade is a racing game where you control a hydrojet. Tracks are equipped with lot of trampolines which you can use to jump into an air to make stunts. As you make stunts, you gain boost points, which can be expanded for a short speed burst.
The game has a story: you play as a racer who was set up and spent two years in prison for illegal racing, and now wants his revenge. As you progress through the story, you unlock new pilots and new hydrojets.
As you race, you gain money, which you can spend to improve your hydrojet performance, and skill points, which you can spend to unlock new better stunts.
There are may be around 7 tracks I think, which serves well for a story mode, but may be not really sufficient for online play; and 4 game modes - race; elimination, where last racer is eliminated each 15 seconds; slalom, which replaced time trial of previous installment I think, and is too simple actually; and freestyle, where you gain points for stunts, and which I personally hate. All this makes enough variation to be fun.
The physics is based on Bullet engine, I think - at least it was in previous installment - and is very good, though not particulary realistic. You can see it as some mix between simulation and arcade, which actually is lot of fun. In this installment, you can go underwater; there were also implemented rogue waves which you can use as trampolines as well.
I want to specifically address difficulty issue which receives mixed reception in reviews. The game starts very easy, you could win even if you crash into something and fall. The middle of the story has medium difficulty, where you can beat opponents if you roughly understand what you're doing. The endgame is really difficult - you need to have a fully upgraded hydrojet, any mistake eliminates your chances, and you probably need a little luck as well. This is not a casual game which you can beat in a workday by any means, but it is not a core simulation game like professional racing sim either.
Visuals are very good, you will see splashes of water on your camera. If you dive in the water, the view is changed accordingly. It is raining on some stages. The game lost the sparkly feeling of a holiday, though, which I am a little disappointed about.
The only annoying feature is a police on some stages; storyline-wise it is supposed to prevent pilots from racing, but it will only go after you, which is a bit annoying. Police is really easy to avoid though, and sometimes it can even be used to your advantage. Luckily, the most complex stages do not have police.
Sound is very good, engines are realistic, you can deduce distance from opponents by the sound of their engines. The music is a bit disappointing. I mean it is okay, but nothing memorable. GP2 had better soundtrack overall.
The game is a sequel to Riptide GP2, so some comparison is in order. I can't say it is an upgrade; to be honest, I liked GP2 more, but I still believe you should buy Renegade if you have GP2. If you don't, buy both, they worth playing.. wow i didn't expect a cheap game 2 be intense O_O wow it's worth buying! haven't played anything diz hard since Splashdown lol however it coulda been a longer game but it's fun 2 play! also it's a mix of Wave Race and Splashdown mixed with Artic Thunder which i love all those games :P. I have played Riptide before but I must say this one I like the best, it offers many options during career mode, such as competition,freestyle, time trials and so on. The base game offers other things such as co-op with your friends, or you can play online if you have no

The GFX are pretty good, they are Nintendoesque, and the GFX are probably as good as the games on the Wii U. It automatically senses your Graphics card capability, so no fussing around with settings. I have an Nvidia 1070 GTX so I could play on Ultra settings, they look fantastic on my 4K monitor.

It's not the greatest and most perfect game, and not a huge amount of tracks but the graphics look great, the music is suitable for the gameplay, and it's just a lot of fun to play either career, co-op or online. I would definitely recommend this game, especially the price point $16.99 you actually get the best bang for your buck if your into this genre. I give it 2 thumbs up! Thanks to all the devs that created it. :D

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