After enjoying one day of your enhanced look by the fake eyelashes, you got to remove them at night, right? For removing, you simply need a soft cloth that is dipped in warm water, apply it over the lashes. This will soften the glue on the eyelashes. Once done you can easily peel off the lashes. Most of the time you will be able to remove them using this method. However, if you find that it is not working you may use eyelash remover or even petroleum jelly such as Vaseline can help. Apply them at the base of the fake eyelashes where the glue is. After you have removed the eyelashes, clean off all the glue thoroughly then store them in the pack for the eyelash so that you can use it next time.

To get naturally longer eyelashes without any side effect, you can also take a try of cheap latisse serum, which is an is an ophthalmic solution containing prostaglandins manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals in the treatment of glaucoma. With same ingredients, it is also a kind of generic latisse buy online, feel free to visit our online store to learn more.

Fake eyelashes are great for temporary boost of your looks, however it can be tiring if you were to wear and remove them everyday. After doing this for a period of time, I grew tired of the process daily. No matter what, fake eyelashes are… fake, right? They are never part of me. Instead, I look for solutions where I can grow my real eyelashes longer, naturally.


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