Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Full Crack [Xforce Keygen]

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Full Crack [Xforce Keygen]

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About This Game

The puzzle game of the future has arrived! The original best-selling new Puzzle franchise is back in an all new dimension with its signature Match-3, turn based battles in an insanely addictive and masterful hybrid of RPG and Puzzle genres. Take on the role of a rogue pilot scouring the galaxy to uncover clues in an intergalactic mystery that affects the fate of the entire universe. Build up a fleet of ships, discover hundreds of different weapons, and master the new puzzle board!
Key features:
  • Over 30 hours of gameplay!
  • All new redesigned Puzzle board
  • Over 150 different weapons to use to control the board
  • Customize and build a fleet of ships to master the galaxy
  • Hundreds of missions within single player game

Title: Puzzle Quest: Galactrix
Genre: Casual, RPG
Infinite Interactive
D3Publisher of America, Inc.
Release Date: 24 Feb, 2009


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Weakest entry in the genre. The chain reactions you get seem mostly random, like the game practically plays itself. It's playable, but I didn't get much out of it. Even if you're a fan of the Puzzle Quest series, I'd skip it.. This game has practically sucked out my ability to form cohesive sentences with the overwhelming might of its sheer stupidity, so writing anything about it is hard, but I'll try to list some bullet points as to why, after several hours of playing and DESPERATELY trying to make it worth the $0.99 investment, I must warn you that it's just not possible:
- So let's say there's an enemy with a special power that skips 2-3 of your turns. Fun, huh? No big deal though, there's a power up that gets rid of debuffs. Cool. Except that you need to have a turn to use it, and all other status ailments I've encountered are incredibly petty debuffs like slightly decreasing energy collected every turn, making this power, like many, many others, totally worthless.
- The combat system itself is some of the most anger-inducing, pure luck based BS that's ever had the audacity to call itself a "Puzzle". You can have an enemy at 10 health after a half hour of matching blocks around (if it doesn't take that long for ever fight, it sure FEELS like it does, because the only blocks that cause damage are super rare and only about half of the other blocks are kind of helpful at all for either side) and then when they take their turn, mines slide in in a deluge by pure bad luck and one shot you from practically full health. Yeah, there was a lot you could do to prevent that.
- Speaking of combat, there is next to no penalty for losing, and just some piddly experience for winning, which feels downright insulting with how long and frustrating battles are.
- And the fun doesn't end there. Exploring the universe is incredibly slow, due to the fact that the game pauses to save (really, you have to make me wait in what's basically a pretty menu when most modern action games could save while I'm in the middle of an intense throwdown) ALL THE TIME. And the galaxy is huge, much bigger than it needs to be for all the content there is to "enjoy". Why are there missions where I'm flying through a smattering of planets, scanning them one at a time to find out where my objective ISN'T, until I finally get a lucky guess or there's only one place left to look? WHY DO THEY DO THIS MULTIPLE TIMES!? You will feel like the developers are intentionally trying to waste your time because apparently they think a good game is one that takes the most time to complete.
- Despite being a casual game, a surprising amount goes unexplained. I blew up one ship that I salvaged Contraband from, a high-value cargo. Unfortunately, every ship in the system now magically knew that I was a filthy drug-runner, and attacked me. Would have been nice to know that would happen! What would have been even more useful knowledge would be knowing that by fighting back, I would\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665off a huge swath of the galaxy, so that even after unloading the contraband, I get attacked every freaking system I travel into, causing travel between missions to take HOURS, unless you intentionally lose every single battle that comes your way.
- Speaking of missions, these make Skyrim's fetch quests and Draugr hunts look like the works of Shakespeare. Search random planets for thing. Fight thing. Win. Or mine 20 Dragon Dildoes and 10 Mountain Dew Cases. Or, my personal favorite (and there are a LOT of these); go to X, Y, and Z and come back. Yes, half of the side quests are fetch quests where you're not even fetching something. Just go to place and come back. No fight, no minigame, not even any dialogue.
- The music is bad, and it doesn't even flow together well. I swear, the battle music loops once, and then goes back to the AMAZINGLY dull space exploring music for the other 25 minutes of the fight. Absolutely inexcusable.
In short, this game is bad. I wouldn't pay 99 cents for this piece of digital trash. I wouldn't pay ten cents. I wouldn't let the developers pay me to play it, I'm dead \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665ing serious. I wouldn't give this to a poor \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 child if playing it would make his mom finally love him, it wouldn't be worth it for the poor kid. I wouldn't finish one more mission if every girl from Game of Thrones would be standing naked behind me the moment I did. If this game were around in World War 2, Hitler wouldn't allow Jews to play it because it wouldn't feel morally sound. If Puzzle Quest: Galactrix were a perfectly marbled T-Bone steak, dogs that eat their own feces wouldn't even be able to handle its smell without vomiting. This game's release was one of the final signs of the coming of the End of Times, milennia of madness and horror with no end in sight for the tortured remains of humankind. It's an insult to all things fun, a long, brown, smelly skidmark on the underpants of humanity. It sucks, it blows, it's a piece of \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665ing \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 garbage from a medical waste dumpster reserved for pus-oozing rotten scrotums and boil-ridden \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665s, and I for one do not much care for it.. I actually really enjoyed the departure from the fantasy setting and the overhaul of the gameplay. Maybe not as polished as the original PQ but still really good in it's own right. I grabbed it at 90% off which made it 99 cents and at that price it is a must buy for anyone that likes PQ or just puzzle games in general. At full price it is a little harder to recommend unless you are a puzzle game junkie, otherwise I would say just wait for a sale to pick this one up.. Bought this on sale after having spent many hours enjoying Challenge of the Warlords. This game has a familiar Puzzle Quest feel but with a fresh new take on the match 3 mechanic. The game modes are challenging without being frustrating and the story board elements are amusing. The routing system between games can become a little tiresome much like previous Puzzle Quest games but the option to "buy-pass" some of this with your in game "credit" cuts the tedium down. The game has crashed a couple of times but that aside it's been a fun return to a game style I like with plenty of new elements to entertain.. Not as good as other titles in the series. It's a good concept, and the changing gravity allows for interesting combo possibilities, but the game overall gets very boring, very quickly. Combat is surprisingly slow, the hacking minigame comes up frequently and gets old fast, and the resource\/crafting system is baffling. Very disappointing.. Highly buggy, may not event start.

The start menue is bugged on windows 7 64 bit. Only background and a mouse pointer appears, and the game won't start (see the toic on the discussion board). Lets hope this gets fixed sometimes becuase right now this is a scam, not a game.

Update: The stuck in menue is a driver issue appearing for both AMD and Nivida drivers. Personally (having a nvida 470) updating to latest drivers and restarting the comupter solved the problems. My older drivers were still petty recent (around half a year old), which I likely why a lot of people see this issue.

As for the game itself, and the recomendation, I'll update the review once more when I've played enough.. I like the puzzle quests series a lot. But i don't recommend puzzle quest galactrix. Not of the gameplay\/experience which is fine by me but because it crashes after some time. Unfortunately by reading the forums i noticed more people experience this.
I even read they won't patch the game. (well there will be a very small chance they will do this anyway.)

So if you don't mind restarting this game several times and love the puzzle quest series, well yes worth buy it (in sale 0,99)
Otherwise.. be warned..no patches... You spend too much time hacking stargates, which leads to timed puzzles where you have to match certain colors, which are harder than they sound. Also, it crashes too often for my tastes.

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