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Host John Bunnell takes viewers on a constant thrill ride with real police videos captured from around the world. including high speed chases.
This TV show is genius.

Each scene starts with the name of what sounds like a made up place.

Davisville, Kentucky. East Shag, England. Clintonsfallus, Arkansaw.

The bad guy always loses, when they can they show the bad guy losing, and the other times you have to believe that the person did not get away. Yeah right.

The guy who presents the show always does a piece to camera after each ad break. In the background there is a mock scene of a cop handcuffing someone to his car or a firetruck putting out a burning car. Why? In case you couldn't imagine what it might look like. Genius.

And then he commentates. I won't say more about it other than watch the programme and listen. After the piece, normally 2 or 3 minutes, there is a 30 second summary where he repeats in brief all that has happened, with a few more sirens, and adds his conclusion with a really weak pun.

Eg. "When a maniac take a car and plows it into a bar, he soon finds out it is him, not the innocent, who will end up behind bars"

or "When this criminal flees an accident and crashes into another car after going through a intersection, he soon finds he encounters a stop sign he cant avoid, three years in a federal penitentiary from a judge"

All in all, a rollicking example of American TV and society at its very best. yesterday i saw a chase that happened in my home town in these police videos and i want to know where to find it. where can i find a list of episodes that can tell me where to locate the episode i'm looking for? all the episode lists I've found all say "police videos narrated by John..." so i can't distinguish them one from another. can some one please help me. oh and i know that the episode has ex-con desert chase, 80 mph chase, teenage joyriders, and off-ramp crash somewhere in the episode if someone finds something you can e-mail me at arturov5080@sbcglobal.net ----------------- ------------------------ --------------- ----------- ------------- ------------- ---------------- ----------------- ------------- --------------- -------------- ----------- -------------


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