Picrastination Full Crack [portable Edition]

Picrastination Full Crack [portable Edition]

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About This Game

Picrastination is a logic-based puzzle game where the aim is to solve numerical clues to reveal pictures. Each puzzle also contains a cultural reference, a joke, or a pun for added enjoyment.

The main game contains over 175 puzzles in a range of sizes and difficulties for a varied challenge. There are also 2 super-replayable procedurally-generated game modes, a selection of larger "mosaic" puzzles, and a few fun hidden extras to unlock too.

The game also features a large range of different colour schemes and audio themes, which are unlocked by completing specific puzzles (and meeting other goals) allowing the game to be customised to your own tastes.


  • Over 175 puzzles to solve
  • 2 super-replayable procedurally-generated game modes
  • Several large "mosaic" puzzles
  • A mercifully-short, fun tutorial to teach the basics
  • Customise the game with unlockable colour schemes and audio themes
  • Fun hidden extras to discover
  • Supports touchscreen control (tutorial excepted)

Title: Picrastination
Genre: Casual, Indie
Bearcat Games
Bearcat Games
Release Date: 12 Mar, 2018


I can't recommend this picross game for the following reasons:

-Font (hint number included) is hard to read. Yes I get that it's part of the design for the game but some puzzles with 2 and 5 really messes with my brain. I can read them, but I think I could read them faster with a different font.
-I found the tutorial to be lacking. What about 1 or two tips on how to solve rows\/columns? It's not a bad tuto but it could be improved.
-I don't mind time to beat in picross game, but in this game I wonder if some are actually possible to do. E.g.: in the tiny puzzle, there is an empty heart shape (4 on 4 page) that need to be completed under 5 sec. Solving it with regular logic using 'x' for empty tile and all, takes at least 10 to 15 seconds. How I am supposed to solve it in 5?? I am suppose to solve it and then replay the level and paint it by memory? :\/ meh
-I would have like more puzzle per page because I feel like the available space to display them is not used as its full potential, but instead I need to click 'next page' to see the next 8 puzzles. Maybe an option to display more per page or something could help.
-I coudn't find where to read instruction for a section twice. E.g.: what and how does endless mode works again? I read it once but there is no way to return to that information (there is only 1 save sloth so I can't create another profile to read it out from there either)
-Options are not changeable when in a puzzle, you need to navigate all the way back to change stuff (not a big deal but it could improve user experience to have it when on a puzzle to see the changes live)
-Some of the puzzle are still a mystery to me on what they are supposed to be. I get that most of the title are puns or funny\/silly title but when I don't even know what is the final result of the painting (mostly from smaller puzzle), it remove the joy out of completing it
-Currently one of the highest price on steam market. If I compare puzzles (e.g. no color in completed display) and features (e.g. no workshop to create and share puzzles), I can only conclude that the price is high for what it currently offers.
-I'm not a big fan of the painting sound (too loud, not calm\/subtle) but it's good that there is an option to mute it.
-In endless mode, I don't know how far I need to reach to get a mosaic piece, there is no indication of progression. Some basic output would be appreciated.
-Some of the background at the end of a puzzle are not very pleasing to the eye when playing full screen (pure red, lime green) + text (which is always white) can be hard to read.
-Menus animation is a bit slow for me

I did enjoy a few things
+I like the cubes rotation of the tile themselves
+Music is relaxing. Kinda wavy-calm vibe
+I like the option to change highlight of selected row\/column
+Undo button
+Floppy disc to tell you which puzzle has saved data on it
+Picross snake game

Overall I find myself enjoying other picross game more.
I might come back and review it again if there is significant change to it.
Keep up the good work!. Very well made and fun when you get the references and only slightly annoying when you don't.

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