PHP - HTML Embedded Server Side Scripting

C-Like Syntax-based server-side scripting language PHP is embedded in HTML and used in managing dynamic content, complex databases, sessions tracking and many more. It is the most popular language that has an ability to integrate with many databases like MySQL, Oracle, Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server. A PHP development Company mainly uses MySQL for its better performance and experts executes complex queries.

Now PHP is with version 5.6, which include more technical points like web technologies, Best properties of testing and its architecture.

PHP always have some best points which keep PHP on top :

1. It has some inbuilt features through which it creates systematic structure of pages.

2. PHP handles forms in easy format; it can easily edit, save, send files.

3. In PHP, you can easily handle and access cookies.

4. It easily encrypts the data.

While installing PHP, three important components are needed in your computer :

1.PHP Parser: To generate the HTML output, Parser is needed. It is mainly used to process the PHP script instructions.

2..Database: As PHP is the dynamically based script, so the database is mandatory for the storage. PHP is open source scripting, so free databases like MySQL.

3.Web server: As for the demo purpose, virtually web server is needed. PHP mainly use Apache server in Xampp, but virtually it can use Microsoft IIS.

4.PHP .INI File: For the configuration purpose, the PHP .ini file is needed.

A PHP development service provider like Mobiweb mainly provides services regarding new versions and different phrases. It also provides services for different platforms including apps and websites and therefore it also known as a trustworthy mobile app, Angularjs Development company, Drupal and much more.

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