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Original Title: Photo Finish

Genge: Action,Adventure,Crime,Fantasy,Sci-Fi





































Peter is interviewing a coin dealer and is showing Peter a valuable collection when someone breaks in and knocks Peter out. When he comes to, the police ask for the pictures he took. When Peter develops the film, he discovers a picture he didn't take which appears to be of the robber and it appears to be a woman. Peter chooses not to give it. Peter talks to the dealer ex wife who could resemble the woman in the picture. It turns out the dealer was behind it and is trying to frame his ex wife. The police think Peter didn't give them all the pictures so he is arrested.
In "Photo Finish", Peter Parker was framed for a robbery of a coin collection and goes to jail for it.Will he be able save himself from this unlikely predicament?

Peter was doing a story on a rare coin collection.Then a robbery took place by disguised thieves.One of them apparently pretended to be an ex-wife of the coin collector. Being a photographer,Peter accidentally took a photo of one of the thieves and discovers it during its development.He was asked to turn them to the police but he instead decide not to do it was it will incriminate the ex-wife of the coin collector.He then was taken to jail for his refusal.Of course,we know that Peter will overcome this predicament as he managed to escape from jail using his superhero powers and brings the thieves into justice.

The action was once again entertaining and enjoyable.Added to that,it was pretty cool as well considering that it came from the seventies.The only thing that was somewhat questionable was Peter's frame up for the crime considering that he did not use his First Amendment rights and a jail break would have been considered a crime.But nevertheless,it was still one of good episodes of the 16- episode TV series.

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