Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Attorney Assisting Clients Through Hospital Malpractice

Doctors are expected to follow standard treatment protocols when diagnosing and treating various forms of illness. In the face of certain symptoms or pathologies, physicians should conduct certain kinds of diagnostic tests or administer specific kinds of treatment. A failure to follow standard treatment protocols in the presence of telltale signs of illness or disease can result in liability for any injuries or fatalities that occur as a result.

At MyPhillyLawyer, our medical malpractice lawsuit attorneys work with medical experts in reviewing medical charts, video footage of births and operations, actions of hospital staff, and medication regimens in order to identify negligence on the part of doctors. We look at timelines in order to identify when tests should have been run and when treatment should have been initiated.

Call today to speak with a Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer at MyPhillyLawyer.

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