A payment gateway is an e-commerce service that processes credit card payments. Payment gateway facilitates transactions by transferring key information between payment portals such as web-enabled mobile devices/website and the front end processor, bank.

Hosted and integrated are two major types of Payment gateway for tech support and for other high risk businesses.

INTEGRATED PAYMENT GATEWAYS:An Integrated Payment Gateway directly connects to your tech support or e-commerce website through the gateway’s provided API. Paying through integrated payment gateway, customer submit all the details and all the information directly passes to server of gateway before the confirmation and processing of the payment from the customer’s account to merchant’s account. The advantage of integrated payment gateway is that customers never need to leave the shop to submit the payment information. It is a free payment process.

HOSTED PAYMENT GATEWAY:Hosted Payment Gateways for Tech Support are like a third party service provider that redirects customer to payment processer’s website and allow check-out and at the time of payment customer has to submit all his details with right information for a successful transaction.

Once a customer paid, he or she will be redirected back to your website for completing the checkout process with Hosted payment gateway merchant securely accept payment through credit  and debit cards without storing the information on their website. The biggest advantage of the payment gateway is that offsite service provider is fully responsible for data, security and PPC compliance. You don’t need to worry about compliance related issue or security standards to product the online transaction.

 Another downside of hosted payment gateway is that, despite it’s easy to setup and suitable for new online stores, it perhaps affects the conversion ratio, especially if the customer is not familiar with the payment processer that you have invite to host on your website.


GLOBAL PAYMENT GATEWAY:Global payment are fixed dollar payments for the care that patients may receive in a given time period, such as a month or year. Global payment gateway typically are paid on pre-patient basis, they do not vary with the actual amount of services that are delivered.


 ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS:Enterprise solutions are designed to integrate multiple face of a company’s business through the interchange of information from various business process areas and related databases. These solutions enable companies to retrieve and disseminate mission-critical data throughout the organization, providing managers with real-time operating information


GLOBAL MERCHANT SOLUTIONS: Merchant service is a board category of financial services intended for use by businesses. In its  most specific use, it usually refers to merchant processing services that enable a business to accept a transaction  payment through a secure channel  using  the customer’s credit card or debit card or enabled device.


ONLINE PURCHASE - We provide online purchasing from different website, between this steps we act as mediator between clients and customers.

TIE UP DIFFERENT BANKS - In the payment gateway section we have tie-up different banks. We provide safe and secure payment gateway.

EASY INTERFACE - Easy interface Gateway is i.e. - platform that provides an easy interface for customers to make payment and get assured between each others.

EASY TECH SUPPORT-  Whenever customers get into trouble in respect of making payment through this gateway , we provide them fast tech support and resolve their problem as mediator and help them to go further.



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