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Original Title: Out Of Their League

Genge: Animation,Action,Family,Fantasy,Sci-Fi,Sport,Thriller







































Tyson, Max, Kenny and Daichi are invited by Boris to take a tour inside his new BEGA headquarters. Hilary isn't allowed inside until the official public opening, and is sent away, much to her chagrin. The boys find that the BEGA building is unparalleled in the quality of its Beyblade training and facilities. Impressive as it is however, Tyson is still highly distrustful of Boris, who was responsible for trying to take over the world two years ago by using his team the Demolition Boys as soldiers. Boris tries to convince Tyson that he's changed. Ever since his scheme was uncovered, he roamed throughout his homeland doing some soul searching. There, while watching some village children Beyblade, he had an epiphany. He realized that Beyblading is all about honor and individuality, and he made it his new goal to bring Beyblading to the masses. That's why he took over the BBA and turned it into BEGA - as a way to give children around the world that had no exposure to the game a chance to better their lives and become champions themselves. Tyson is still skeptical, and his bad-mouthing of Boris draws the ire of a top BEGA prospect - a juggernaut named Crusher, whose Beyblade launcher is the biggest one the boys have ever seen. When grilled by Tyson about his motives for joining this professional league, Crusher admits he's doing it for the prospect of getting rich, but only so he can afford to pay his younger sister's hospital bills. A Beybattle ensues, and Crusher shows he's even more powerful than he looks. Tyson is nearly defeated, but he summons his will and narrowly defeats his jumbo-sized opponent. When Boris asks Tyson if he now believes he's sincere in his reasons for creating BEGA, Tyson still isn't sure. But Tyson does admit that if spirited and honorable Blader's like Crusher are in it, maybe there is some merit in the new league after all.


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