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This game is unique in it's own way. The graphics were pretty good at it's time and the weapons for each class can be very fun to use, especially when you combine them with the Tomb of Power. The levels and environments feel a bit challenging and a little overwhelming depending on the enemies that are there. I also find it a chore to do the puzzles in Hub 3, due to the fact that the hints aren't that good, especially for people who just like shooting enemies, and having puzzles along the same level that the first HeXen game has. The boss fights however are actually a lot of fun for me and it's fun to play as either the Crusader or the Necromancer. My final verdict for this game will be a 7.6/10, I say buy the game if you're a fan of the series, but don't be surprised if you can't solve the puzzle for Hub 3.. Crap. Don't buy it.. Gameplay is similar to the first one so if you liked Episode One, you should get Episode Two! Same main characters with some new attacks and weapon modifications but the main thing is seeing the story continue to unfold! This game has a bit more profanity than the first one but beyond that still a lot of fun to play this combination point-and-click and RPG adventure.. Based off of the original quake engine, Hexen II is quite stunning in both it's technical aspects and its overall appeal as a game. Continuing where the original Hexen left-off, this game adds some twist in the medival storyline, expands the Hexen universe, and provides us gamers with an easily digestable narrative. Gameplay-wise Hexen II puts an emphasis on ranged combat, but melee combat also feels very satisfying (seeming as you can decapitate and quarter your foes once they're down). The leveli

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