oneplus phone(oneplus one uae) cowhide box using the disposable design, with a rope to tearing open the packaging carton, this design I appreciate very much, at least not worried about being express little brother half-way to my cell phone substitution for brick, the disadvantage is I the pull rope of a plus sign don't know to lose what, durable degree is not high.

oneplus one uae

oneplus one uae

Oneplus mobile phone packaging using the classic color, red and white collocation, in packaging can be described as painstakingly, the overall color collocation is very beautiful, I ever saw in packaging the most one of the petty bourgeoisie's phone.

The layout is also quite good in the box, from the USB line and the unique design of the card, you can feel this phone is indeed in the design style has spent a lot of effort.

From the business point of view, this package is sent to release, so if work need to buy some mobile phone to thank to the customer, Oneplus mobile phone will is one of my worthy of comparison to consider.

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