Omega reflected on the comparisons between a professional

"That challenge was a long time coming, " Omega said. "I thrive in an environment where I'm able to trash talk, not follow any strict decorum, and it's really free-flowing. We were playing competitively, but also very casually. I probably couldn't get away with doing that on stream. I can't interrupt a first-to-five by grabbing a microphone, but that's me. A struggling match is essentially a fight, but we always keep  sell csgo skins    the fan's entertainment in mind. There's always a lot of banter and story before a match. There will be talking before, during, and after a match -- the whole exhibition reminded me of a match. It just shows the power that games had. It brings people together. "

After his competitive debut, Omega reflected on the comparisons between a professional athlete and a gamer and drew several key parallels. In addition to mental fortitude, the common denominator was the time spent on improvement.

"Both are physically demanding and take a lot of time, " he continued. "Just like any sport, these things consume your off-time. You're thinking about how to improve your game, how to make yourself a better player and competitor. In struggling, I'm thinking about new moves, how to draw the crowd, or a new look and image. Both take a lot of mental fortitude. A lot of people think gamers play because they're lazy, but it's not true. It takes a lot of mental strength, amplitude, and dexterity. Gamers are getting more respect. "

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