Odom, who writes "Cathy" and "Grandma" on his sneakers before each game, was in New York for another funeral at the time of Jayden's death June 28. Odom wants to believe there is some order to the death that keeps interrupting his life.

"What keeps me strong is he died on the same day my grandmother died," Odom said.

Odom also has a daughter Destiny, 8, and a son Lamar Jr., 5, with longtime girlfriend Liza Morales. Odom, 26, said time has not healed this newest and deepest wound: "I feel a little lost at times."

That's because the order to his son's death - in the logical, rational sense - still eludes him. Jayden died in his crib with the whole family at home, and Odom said his son was healthy.

The awkwardness of one word from the autopsy report that rings all wrong has stuck with him. That word, meant to describe the nature of Jayden's death, was "unremarkable."

Other words might have hurt less, yet helped little, so Odom immersed himself in two business projects - pushing the career of his childhood friend, hip-hop artist Ali Vegas, through Odom's Rich Soil Entertainment record label, and launching a line of T-shirts with artists' renderings of Jesus from biblical descriptions.

Odom wore one of the shirts Thursday, when a dark red Bible with gold embossing was never far from him.

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