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Discover the universe of hacking and cyber warfare with NITE Team 4. Version 1.0 of the games includes more than 70 missions and operations broken down into various categor 5d3b920ae0

Title: NITE Team 4
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Alice & Smith
Alice & Smith
Release Date: 26 Feb, 2019


  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 12


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Uplink -> Hacknet -> Nite Team 4. I love hacking games, but there are so few with any real polish behind them. Uplink came out in 2001 and it was 14 years before Hacknet come along as a worthy successor. Fortunately it was only another 4 years for Nite Team 4. If you're one of those weirdos who loves hacking games, this one is absolutely a must play.

Certification Center : Hi everyone! We are excited to show you some of our ongoing work on the Academy, the training and tutorial center of NT4. The Academy will include 5 certifications and 15 training missions at launch. These will teach you about the various tools and techniques featured in Stinger OS. Certification topics include: Network Intrusion Open Source Intelligence Social Engineering Data Forensics Advanced Attack Vectors And many more. The goal of the certification center is to give you everything you need to know to master all of your hacking modules, attack strategies, and features of the Stinger OS. (Workspaces, multithreading, advanced terminal commands, etc) You will be able to earn three levels of mastery for each certification. (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) These levels are based on the speed and precision of your attack. For example, to identify potential entry points on an external network, OSINTSCAN should always be your first source for information gathering, since it is less noticeable than a SFUZZER dictionary attack on a DNS server. Next week, we will introduce our new Social Engineering Toolkit for mass mailing and spear phishing a target network.. Hacking: Cyber Range : The new patch introduces the largest and most complex update weve ever had in the last two years of development.. Update 0.11.6 : New Academy Certification. BETA 0.9 UPDATE : We have just updated the Closed Beta branch on steam and want to share with you the new modules and features available for testing! The new mission center is now unlocked with your first mission from GCHQ, the United Kingdoms Intelligence Agency. The mission includes 4 objectives and one optional task. We have also introduced a new briefing mechanic with much more lore and storytelling content, to help you get immersed in the life of a special agent. Optional tasks come with choices and consequences which affect your reputation with the other intelligence agencies. Hide intel, save undercover agents lives or expose them for the kill; your actions will shape the storyline and unlock new content. Data Forensics has been upgraded with a new SCP / SSH module. Infiltrate computers and browse files and folders for key information, or remove the evidence of your hack. The mission is available now and will reset every time you close the game. You cannot permanently gain or lose reputation for now. Version 0.9 does not come with any tutorial, and the new mission will require familiarity and understanding of the Stinger OS. As always, you can reach us on Discord [] or in the forums [] .. Beta Server UP : Dear Agents, Today we are moving into our new beta infrastructure, and were ready to get you onboard, too! >> Step 1: Get the universal launcher MacOS and Windows players will now share the same universal launcher. This will keep you automatically updated with the latest version of NITE Team 4. The first time you install the launcher, you may need to give it various permissions to properly configure your game. You will only have to do this process once. Download NITE Team 4 Launcher for Windows >> [] Download NITE Team 4 Launcher for Mac OS >> [] >> Step 2: Login to the beta server Your existing credentials have been migrated to the new beta server. You should be able to login without any problems. In fact, everyone can login or create an account for free and get access to the alpha mission, so feel free to share the launcher and invite your friends to discover NITE Team 4 along with you. >> Step 3: Redeem your NITE Team 4 Backers or Pre-Order Package It is now time to claim the items you bought during the Kickstarter or the pre-order campaign! To do so, click on the Agent Profile menu item and go to Inventory. Enter your coupon code and click redeem. Dont own NITE Team 4 yet? Click here to order your beta pass. [] Once redeemed, your code will unlock Stinger OS skins, your game access pass (general beta, closed beta, etc.), and your mission pack and titles. Other item types will be introduced later as long with content, new modules, etc. As always, you can reach us on Discord [] or in the forums [] .. Version 0.10.6 : Version 0.10.6 is now available! Here's what to expect.. Version 0.10.5 : This patch is primarily quality of life improvements, but we do hope that they significantly improve the quality of your lives! New Stuff. Closed Beta Update : Open World - Early Access and more!!! Patrick Greatbatch (co-author of The Black Watchmen) is back with a new set of open-world missions starting in October! Open-world missions blend in-game investigation with real world research involving websites, emails, phone numbers, etc. to increase the level of immersion and realism. The first set of missions takes the player into the inner workings of a secretive government organization, private prisons and deep-rooted political corruption. The investigation is ripped from the headlines and explores complex problems facing real world governments today. October 2nd will be our official Early Access kickoff party at SecTor 2018! [] The event will be streamed online on our NT4 Twitch Channel. If you are in the Toronto Area, let us know- we have a couple of VIP Tickets for you! With the release of Early Access comes a set of new rewards! NT4 Hoodies, Military Backpacks, Trench Coats and The Park (Steam Key). To celebrate the event we have created 3 new NT4 Skin for each of the Secret World Legends factions: Illuminati, Dragon and Templar. These new skins will be automatically given to anyone who owns Secret World Legends [] in their Steam library. The new academy is live and will have more than 25 missions. Basic Terminal Operations is accessible right now and will be followed by Digital Forensics next week. Each training exercise is fully voice acted with Sergeant Catherine Wheeler and Security Analyst Dylan. Also, the team started working on a new module called Blackhound. The module combines existing tools like Cobalt Strike and Bloodhound to focus on privilege escalation and pivoting.. 15 Years Celebration : A major milestone has been reached! Together, youve collectively spent 15 years playing The Black Watchmen! Thats 15 years of research into the darkest corners of humanity, 15 years of deciphering ancient occult texts, researching fake websites, tracking down NPCs on social media and LinkedIn, and 15 years of solving some of the most complex puzzles on the internet. To mark this occasion, agents, we want to collect your fondest memories since you joined the agency. To show our gratitude, we will give away a mystery crate. Handcrafted with the help of Agent Blacklake, this mysterious mystery crate is filled with mystic mysteries for your mystification, that will deeply impact the lore of The Black Watchmen and set the stage for Season 3. Please send your stories using the following online forms [] . Every story we receive will be entered in our unique giveaway! We'll be taking submissions until March 31.

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