All the older rats had lived there for many years and extended to multiply contributing to the rat population. Numerous others had plumped for to venture away from barn to examine the areas and meadows. Rodents do have a very effective social living despite what many people believe and love to savor life to the fullest. Therefore it was for the younger rodents in this old abandoned country barn.

Typically the most popular girl rat was expensive Frieda who used all of her time reading previous characters and making unique clothes to wear in her party performances. She obtained items of towel from every-where and also had rats that have been scavengers providing her vibrant bits and the old rat everyday to increase her invaluable collection. She realized and liked animation people and was the best seamstress everywhere around.

Everyone understands when there is a popular girl then there's to be always a popular guy as well. This could of course function as the glossy and debonair Sonny Redfern whose miraculous style could catch any girl rat's heart. Sonny and his group could perform their handmade tools providing stone and roll audio for the rats.

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