Network Attached Storage System Enhance Productivity and Benefits

Computer networks have revolutionized the way businesses and organizations operate. Today, running a business without even a basic computer network is unimaginable. However, without the right storage solution, your company is at a disadvantage. Network attached storage (NAS) can provide some significant benefits, particularly for your information storage needs. Of course, storing data on a server is nothing new, but many companies continue to use a DVD/CD library in addition to their computer network. This can actually be problematic, and the right NAS solution can provide some significant benefits.

In addition to backing up your system, a network attached storage server with DVD capabilities can back up all of your DVDs to a hard drive. This allows you to share that information with multiple workstations at one time - no more waiting for the disk to be available. In addition, you will find that the right server can offer you DVD backup and duplication, as well as working with a diskless backup system.

The right NAS system can store up to 3,000 DVDs, which could certainly store your entire DVD library in an easily accessed manner. In addition, a network attached storage solution can be configured with several (up to 12) DVD drives. This is an important consideration for companies that use encrypted and protected disks that cannot be copied to a hard drive. Using this solution ensures that the server can still provide access to the same disk for multiple users, even though the disk cannot be copied.

Eliminate Your DVD Library
Maintaining a DVD library can be enormously costly for your company. Lost and damaged disks need to be replaced, and you have the problem of users waiting to access a particular disk when it is in use by another employee. This leads to wasted time and money - something that no business can afford. However, by using a network attached storage solution, you can get around this problem very easily.

First, your NAS solution will certainly be able to back up your company's information, whether that information is related to the server or to workstations. Any general backup procedure can be performed quite easily. However, if you integrate a DVD server with your NAS, then you will be able to realize additional benefits.

If you want faster performance, better storage capabilities and the ability to save time and money for your company, then there is no better option.

Huawei is a leader in providing innovative products for data storage online. We offer CD/DVD servers, network data storage and network DVD storage so that you can better enjoy your collection or make data easily accessible for your company or organization.

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