My Teenager Has A Gambling Addiction

.The gambling ling establishments attracted a large percentage of their workers from an estimated fifty mile radius negative affecting local business establishments.

The gambling establishments can have better benefits and hourly wages then local businesses.

Communities hear that a thousand construction jobs have just been created as a result of local gambling establishment's expansion. What individuals don't realize is this new ex

pansion once completed will require more jobs from our local businesses. One place grew so big they began to move employees by bus that lives over fifty miles away.

No body ever took the full time to appreciate these places could not expand if people didn't lose their money gambling. These places are parasites and leeches that have no concern for those lives and businesses they have destroyed.

The gambling establishments are here to stay as long as local governments depend upon them for tax revenue. Once gambling hits epidemic proportions where tax payers and businesses can't make their tax payments nothing will ever change. It's unfortunate the governments are playing a delay and see game before they will react

Individuals who fall prey to the addiction are often people who secure an income in the form of blackjack, poker or other gambling activities. They're professional players who visit casinos not for fun sake, but to employ their skills and earn.

Based on the method of playing and the driving force behind it, gamblers can be categorized. For example, while professional gamblers are skillful and good within their game an everyday gamblers plays merely for recreation.

The apparent symptoms of gambling addiction are usually hard to identify. Because this disease is distinctive from other substance related addictions like drug or alcohol abuse, the indications of the sickness are subtle. The nearest possible method by which the outward indications of this addiction could be stated is through the "Custer three Phase Model ".According tot his model, the gambling addiction could be characterized by three phases: the wining phase, the losing phase and the desperation phase.

In the wining stage, the compulsive gambler is ecstatic and overexcited with this earnings and is unwilling to quit gambling. Therefore, the addict usually increases his intensity of gambling.However, losing being one other half of gambling, his wining streak is short-lived. Nonetheless, recurrent losses don't deter him as he really wants to win again and get his money back. Addicted gamblers suffer with financial stress, loss in sleep, and mental fatigue in this phase. They face problems at the household front. The patient also will borrow large sums or avail some cash making schemes. While the gambler continues to handle loss on every alternate day, he finds it difficult to steer clear of gambling. Compulsive gamblers may resort to any way to raise funds because of their obsession. They become desperate, using their debts becoming unmanageable. Loss of jobs, fight with friends and family, committing crimes or suicidal tendencies define this phase.

The question as to the reasons does one gamble, can't be answered in definitive terms. Among the dominant reasons is the mental health of the gambler. For a lot of gambling serves as a n escape route from their lives. A compulsive gambler plays for kicks. He is just unable to avoid it. Many researchers also blame the easy accessibility to casinos. The us government and its lottery fund is also widely condemned.

Treatment programs and centers exist to treat this disease. Regular therapy and counseling is a powerful and a popular technique to cure this disease. Various support groups also have cropped up, where in fact the addicts share their experiences and strengthen each others desire to give up gambling. Some groups that fund such programs include casinos and state lotteries. Some casinos lay stress on responsible gambling and took steps to help make the people aware about his addiction.

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Comment by Greg Bjorg on December 13, 2019 at 12:41am

Why do you think he is addicted? The fact that he played once or twice doesn't mean that he is addicted. We all played casinos just because it was interesting and unknown but we didn't become addicted. So, take it easy.

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